The ITIL Certification Roadmap: What You Need to Know

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, (ITIL), is the main framework for managing IT service delivery across all industries. It defines a service cycle model that outlines the activities and processes involved in designing, developing, and delivering IT services.
ITIL is made up of five core phases, or areas of practice, of the IT Service Lifecycle. Each phase includes supporting principles.
Service Strategy
Service Design
Service Transition
Service Operation
Continual Service Improvement
ITIL(r), Certification – Benchmark to Demonstrate IT Service Management Skills. To implement the ITIL Framework, professionals must have a thorough knowledge and proficiency in IT Service Management (ITSM (r)). This can be achieved by obtaining an ITIL qualification. You need to be familiar with the ITIL certification scheme if you want to become qualified in ITIL.
ITIL Certification Roadmap
ITIL Certifications are based on a modular credit system. Each ITIL qualification is assigned a credit value.
ITIL Foundation
It provides an overview of key concepts, elements and terminologies related to ITSM. This helps candidates understand ITIL and provides an overview of ITIL service support and delivery methods. The ITIL Foundation exam is not required. After passing the foundation level exam, you will earn 2 credits.
ITIL Intermediate
Candidates must have completed the Foundation level to be eligible for the Intermediate level. Candidates can choose from any combination of the nine ITIL Intermediate modules in order to earn at least 15 credits to advance to the next ITIL level. It is divided into two stages: Service Lifecycle and Services Capability. The Service Lifecycle includes five modules: Service Strategy and Service Design, Service Transition, Services Operation, Service Operation, Service Transition, and Continual Improvement. The Service Lifecycle modules offer management-oriented knowledge about ITIL processes. Each module is given three credits. Four modules make up Service Capability: Operational Support, Analysis, Release Control, Validation, Planning Protection and Optimization, and Operational Support. The Service Capability modules offer execution-oriented knowledge about ITIL processes. Each module is awarded four credits.
ITIL Practitioner
ITIL Practitioner is the newest entry in the ITIL qualification program. This certification provides guidance on how to adopt and adapt ITIL Framework to support business goals. ITIL Practitioner can be completed after Intermediate or Foundation level. It is not required for ITIL Expert level. After completing the Practitioner level, you will earn 3 credits.
ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle
It provides the knowledge and skills that ITSM professionals need to support service delivery within their organizations by unifying the Service Level stages. It contextualizes the ITIL practices and processes across the lifecycle and capability streams. To attempt ITIL Managing across the Lifecycle (MALC), you must pass the ITIL Intermediate qualification. After completing the MALC level, you will earn 5 credits.
ITIL Expert
It requires you to acquire skills and knowledge in all aspects of ITIL processes and practices across all ITIL disciplines. You must have completed at least 22 credits from the ITIL Foundation, Intermediate, or MALC levels. ITIL Expert also counts the three credits you have earned from the ITIL Practitioner qualification. Although there are no credits required to pass the ITIL Expert level qualification, this qualification is a prerequisite for the ITIL Master certification.
ITIL Master
It outlines the application knowledge and skills required by ITIL Framework professionals working at higher levels of ITSM planning and management. To become an ITIL Master, you must have earned the ITIL Expert credential. The entire ITIL certification roadmap is essential to help you determine your goals and determine how to move forward. NetCom Learning offers a structured ITIL certification preparation process. It provides comprehensive ITIL training courses for all levels of ITSM professionals, regardless of whether you are a beginner, or an expert. These courses will help you get started in ITIL.
ITIL Foundation
ITIL Intermediate
ITIL Practitioner
ITIL Expert
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