The Complete ITIL Certification Guide (Costs and Levels, Paths & Requirements).

ITIL V4 is the latest version of ITIL. ITIL V4 is the latest version of ITIL.
Axelos assumed ownership of ITIL on July 2013. It is responsible for maintaining ITIL and accrediting examination centres and training institutes. Many ITIL ATOs (Accredited Training Organisations), help professionals work with ITIL solutions. These ATOs issue ITIL Certifications to qualified candidates after the training course. An EI (Examination Institute) can administer these certifications. There are five levels of ITIL certification.
ITIL uses a system of credits, from Foundation to Expert. Each level of certification gives you a certain number of credits, which accumulate over time. To apply for Expert level certification in ITIL 4, candidates must have 22 credits.
The ITIL 4 certification pathway is similar to the ITIL V3 system. However, it has been simplified to offer two certification paths. There are seven modules for both certifications. You will begin at the Foundation level, and then move up to the Strategic Leader (SL), or the Managing Professional(MP) certification paths. Candidates can either stop at this level, or take both paths. In the latter situation, you will find yourself eligible to apply for the ITIL Master certification.Read More: Foundation Level
The ITIL Foundation-level module is the first step towards achieving any certification. This is the introductory certification exam that encompasses the fundamental principles and concepts of ITIL 4.Designed for entry-level applicants, this module has been designed to teach junior candidates ITIL 4 basics and certify that advanced certification-holders are adept in the core concepts of the tech framework as they progress along their certification paths.The Foundation course for ITIL requires a classroom training session that extends to 2.5 days. After completing the course, you will need to pass an exam consisting of 40 MCQs and 26 answers. ITIL MP (Managing Professional).
IT professionals who manage technology and digital teams within an organization can apply for the Managing Professional certification. These modules are required to pass the ITIL MP certification exam. These modules are: ITIL Specialist Create Deliver and support: This module teaches candidates the core techniques of servic