Software Development is the same as Software Engineering?

People often ask us what the difference is between software development and engineering. These roles overlap quite a lot, and can seem very similar to a newcomer. There is a big difference. Both roles involve creating programs and coding, but they have different goals and aims. Software engineering is more like an architect. It plans and designs the blueprints. Software engineering is more like the builders, creating the house the software engineer imagined. Let’s clarify any confusion by looking at their respective roles and responsibilities.
What is a software developer?
Software developers create software. This is the job title most people associate with programming. They are the builders.
What are their key responsibilities
Software developers are responsible for creating the program’s code. They will develop the algorithms required, create the most efficient code, and then debug it. A software developer will also be responsible for any modifications requested by the client or based on user feedback. It is a very solo job. Even if you work in a team you will spend most of your time programming and solving very specific problems.
What is a software engineer?
Software engineers are the strategists. They manage a project and help to design it. Software engineers must be able to understand all aspects of the code and how they affect the system. They don’t have to program. They are more likely to create parts that link two systems together. They might also create the engines and tools that a software developer might need.
What are their key responsibilities
Software engineers are responsible for planning, designing, and testing the software. They are responsible for the overall design, the user interface, and other issues. They are responsible for defining the requirements and ensuring that the software meets them. This makes it a team-based role rather than one-on-one.
What are the main differences?
There are four main differences between software engineering and software development:
Individual vs. team. Developers tend to focus on their own code while engineers are more involved with the whole team and work with management to set the criteria.
Part vs. whole. The entire project will be managed by an engineer. This means that the engineer will likely be an in-house person who stays with the software throughout its life-cycle. A developer might be someone who comes in for a few months to add a feature.
Degree vs. skills-based. Software engineers are more likely to have a degree in programming theory. They might have studied computer science, for example. A software developer does not necessarily need a degree. If they are able to program in the language and have strong logic skills, they can start immediately.
Design vs. creation. This is the final word. Software engineers are the designers, while developers create.
There is a lot of overlap between the skills required. Both must be able to program. Both must understand their roles in the system. It’s all about how they approach the task at hand. Developers create and meet a brief while engineers design, iterate, and test the software.
Learn the ropes to either
Both roles require a solid foundation in theory as well as programming skills. If you are interested in a career in software development or engineering, a 14-week bootcamp is a good option.