Report: AWS Makes $1B in New Cloud Deals

Amazon Web Services’ dominance in the cloud market will only grow as it reportedly inks major deals with Symantec and SAP that are estimated to be worth $1 billion.
Bloomberg reported the deals this week, citing an AWS memo. Bloomberg’s article was denied by Symantec, SAP, and AWS.
Both Symantec and SAP have partnered with AWS in different capacities. AWS and SAP have been steadily increasing interoperability of cloud products, while Symantec has tapped AWS for the “vast majority” of its cloud workloads.
Bloomberg reports that the two companies have increased their partnership with AWS to $500 million each over five year, or $200 million per year.
According to SAP, the contract will focus on storage, data management, and compute offerings as well as artificial Intelligence (AI) or Internet of Things (IoT).
Bloomberg reported that Symantec has agreed to move its “Managed Security Service”, Network Protection, and Website Security Service products to the AWS cloud in the meantime. Symantec would increase its AWS investments by more than sevenfold with the agreement.
Bloomberg reported that AWS had apparently defeated Microsoft for the Symantec contract. Microsoft Azure platform is AWS’ closest competitor, if not the most distant, in the public cloud space.
The news of the Symantec and SAP partnerships comes as AWS appears to be on the verge of securing yet another blockbuster contract: a 10-year deal worth $10 billion to operate the U.S. Department of Defense’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI).
The bidding process for JEDI has been controversial. Oracle and IBM protested the contract’s single-vendor nature which they claim favors AWS.