AWS certification can help you to improve your IT career.

The IT industry is constantly changing and creating new jobs. Professionals are constantly learning new skills to keep up with the fast-changing IT industry. Every top IT company is looking for AWS certified professionals. Koenig has created unique AWS training courses that include an Exam Pass Guarantee. Read on to learn more about the experience and study hours required for AWS Certification. This course will provide structured training with a step-by-step methodology so you can train as you please. Find out the cost of each AWS Certification.
AWS Certification is a way to demonstrate your technical expertise and will help you move up in the AWS Cloud. This certification is sought after by potential employers to identify cloud experts. It has four levels: Foundational, Associate Professional, Professional, and Specialty. These levels are based on the difficulty of the certification and the prerequisites. These AWS certifications can cost anywhere from 100 to 300 USD depending upon the level you apply for. Koenig offers 16 specialized programs for different AWS certifications.
AWS certifications are a must-have for IT professionals who are looking to enter the cloud computing industry. An AWS certification will help you be recognized as a qualified candidate for any role in the cloud computing industry.
High exposure and higher pay
There is a high demand today for AWS cloud experts. This training is the perfect way to revitalize and develop your IT career with better pay and more opportunities for the future. The average IT professional’s income can be increased by 25% by completing such training to get an AWS certification. According to Forbes magazine, AWS certification is one the most highly-paid certifications in the world.
Upon completion of this training, your AWS Certification will be available. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
AWS Certified Developer
SysOps Certified Administrator AWS
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer
AWS Certified Security
AWS Certified Big Data
AWS Certified Advanced Networking
AWS Certified Machine Learning
AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder
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What are you waiting?
Seniors have been advising freshers and college students to become AWS certified! This industry will disrupt every business in the next few years. Get on board with the trend while you can! Talk to our Counselor Today!

Cisco Prime Infrastructure’s Best Features

Cisco Prime Infrastructure solutions streamline and simplify network management tasks for both wired and wireless networks. It manages enterprise networks from branch level to the data center using a single point-of-control. Cisco Prime Infrastructure training is designed to help professionals make the most of their Cisco Prime solutions. It also automates management tasks using Cisco intelligence.
Cisco Prime Infrastructure: The Best Features and Benefits
One Management
One management refers the Cisco unified solution that allows users to view and control all aspects of wireless lifecycle management and application visibility. This feature allows users monitor policies, track mobility devices with Cisco MSE (Mobility Services Engine), and troubleshoot Cisco ISE(Identity Services Engine) from one place, allowing them to manage all users and devices.
Consolidate Products
This functionality allows users consolidate all network management tools, products, and reduces the time and effort required to manage them individually. Cisco Prime Infrastructure training will allow you to realize these benefits in a more sustainable way. It will give you greater visibility, speed up deployment and faster troubleshooting. This time can be used to achieve your business goals.
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Mobile Collaboration
Mobile Collaboration allows for support for spatial maps, wired client visibility, Radio Frequency Prediction tools, 802.11ac and many other capabilities. It simplifies the management of wireless networks and solves problems quickly with fewer resources.
These are just a few of the many useful features that Cisco Prime offers. You will find more information about Cisco Prime Infrastructure in the next blog post. Cisco Prime Training or NMENPI Certification: Managing Enterprise Networks using Cisco Prime Infrastructure is the best course to learn more about this network management tool.
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Salesforce Developer Certification: Benefits

No matter their size or scale, Salesforce CRM and Platform is being adopted by increasing numbers of companies. Salesforce CRM and platform is being adopted by more companies than ever before due to its simplicity and excellence. Salesforce is the most popular Customer Relationship Management tool on the market.
What does a Salesforce Developer do for you?
Salesforce developer certifications allow an individual to gain Salesforce expertise that makes him proficient in:

His company/client may customize Salesforce applications and environments to meet their unique business needs.
-Integrating Salesforce apps to other third party systems is used to develop mobile and website applications.
-Creating extensions for Salesforce App Exchange
Why Salesforce Certification?
Koenig Solutions offers Salesforce Developer Certification training to knowledge seekers interested in this technology. Koenig Solutions is a Salesforce Authorized Training Partner. They offer training through a talented pool certified in-house instructors. If you are looking to improve your technical skills, you have come to the right place.
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Salesforce professionals must have a Salesforce certification to be able to take advantage of all available opportunities.
Aspirants can receive Salesforce developer training from an authorized learning centre. They will also be able to work on a project that is part of the curriculum. The project gives them exposure to real-world scenarios they might encounter in their workplaces.

ASalesforce Developer Certificationis a credential that demonstrates to your peers and potential employers that you have in-depth knowledge about the subject.
A certification gives you confidence and demonstrates your ability to understand and use certain competencies. It also differentiates you from other candidates.
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Benefits of SAS Certification

SAS certifications are now highly valued by both the employee and employer. You may be wondering what it can do for your career. Continue reading…
First, be aware that there are many job opportunities in analytics teams such as Data Miner and Forecaster, Market Researcher and Statistical Analyst.
SAS Institute offers Statistical Analysis System, a software product. Data Analysts provide business solutions to organizations by applying mathematical/statistical operations to large data. SAS certification can help you get a positive role in your career by earning global recognition.
Three Major Benefits of Being a SAS Certified Professional
Employers can increase their career opportunities and marketability by hiring SAS Certified professionals. They are highly marketable and have an edge over other competitors because they are job-focused and excel in the given situation.
Increase your credibility as technical professionals: Employer places faith in SAS Certified professionals because the certification assures your knowledge of SAS software.
SAS Certified professionals have more job opportunities and are highly skilled.
Koenig Solutions, the most trusted offshore IT training company, offers you an opportunity to become familiar with SAS so you can make informed decisions about SAS. Koenig will host a workshop on SAS that is free of charge. The topic is titled: Make a career in Analytics with the power and flexibility of SAS’.
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ECSA Certification has many benefits

The EC Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester Certification Course is the foundation of the entire IST (information security track). While the Certified Ethical Hacker course teaches individuals how to handle and prevent threats that could compromise the privacy or security of an organization, the EC Council Security Analyst Program offers a comprehensive and integrated approach that can be used for the purpose of analyzing security strength. The LPT course covers all the skills required by penetration testers. Report writing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find an ECSA-certified analyst and a training provider. There is a difference in the quality and training offered by each provider. If the recipient of an EC-Council Circle of Excellence Award, you can be sure that you have chosen the right training provider and course provider.
The LPT (Licensed Penetrating Tester) certification and training course allows you to learn the basics and advanced hacking techniques to make you an expert in network security. It is vital for businesses to have a secure data environment. LPT professionals are in high demand because they can find and fix any weaknesses or flaws in the network. This course will teach you how to assess the risks and threats that could compromise the network security. They learn about hacking techniques and penetrating methods. This training focuses on the ability to understand the various ways that networks can be attacked maliciously, and to implement the necessary measures and techniques to prevent and treat such attacks.

Cloud Computing and CCSP Certification: Benefits

Cloud computing is the hottest buzzword in IT. It refers to a type of computing where computational resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth and disk space are delivered over the internet. These resources are generated from an underlying network that consists of physical servers, which are stored in well-maintained data centers of third party service providers. Cloud computing offers a high level of flexibility, scalability, and reliability at affordable prices. It eliminates wastage of resources because it uses a ‘pay-as-you-use’ model, where end users pay only for the resources they use.
Cloud computing is gaining popularity with large and small organizations around the world leveraging its power to achieve their business goals and gain competitive advantage in a global marketplace.
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Certified Cloud Security Professional Certification – Its Features and Benefits
The Certified Cloud Security Professional, or CCSP, is the result of an alliance of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), and (ISC] 2. This course was created to complement and use two existing certifications: (ISC 2)’s CSA Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CSI) 2.
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The Course Objectives and Benefits
Cloud computing, as mentioned above, is reliable and scalable. It also offers cost-effectiveness. The services are delivered over a public network, which makes them vulnerable to external threats. Understanding cloud computing information security risks and devising strategies to reduce them is crucial in these circumstances. Modern businesses cannot afford to lose business critical data. This is why they need skilled professionals who are able to effectively deal with any type of threat.
Koenig Solutions’ Cloud Security (CCSP), course aims to provide you with all the knowledge necessary about cloud computing, security loopholes that can be exploited and how to fix them to create a safe and secure cloud environment. This top-level institute’s certificate will allow you to attain the highest level security expertise and help your company harness the full potential of cloud computing without any associated threat to data integrity.
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Become an Oracle Certified OCA & OCP

Did you know that 82% of Oracle Certified Professionals have experienced a rise in their salary, promotion, or growth in their careers? Oracle Database Management is a popular career choice for many IT professionals. Management of a database is more than just data. It’s more than just managing the database. It’s not easy. It’s easy to talk about becoming certified, but not how to do it. Here are some tips to help you get Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), or Professional (OCP) certification.
1. You should not aim to obtain certification in order to get a job or raise your salary. If you are passionate about database technology and have genuine passion for this field, you can achieve great things and give your all. Do your research before jumping on the bandwagon. You need to be up-to-date on the latest technologies, exam patterns, eligibility, and other pertinent information about the certification you are interested in. The internet is full of information, but you should be careful as not all sources are genuine. Make sure you seek guidance from a trusted source to ensure you don’t waste your time and keep you on the right track. You can gain a lot of theoretical knowledge by using material found online. But, it is equally important to practice the software in order to pass the exam. This can only happen if you practice on the software. You can only do this by actually using the software. The training center is an Oracle Silver Partner and Oracle Authorized. You can quickly achieve your goal of becoming an Oracle Certified OCA or OCP by being trained by a respected organization with highly qualified instructors and state-of the-art infrastructure. Make sure you make the right choice and take the right steps to reach your goal.

Make an ethical hacker of the world and save the world, one system at a time

Information technology is poised to disrupt every industry and change the way we run our businesses. But as companies and organizations depend on technology and servers with their critical data, there emerge various points of vulnerability.Ethical Hacking is a course which prepares professionals to be on the front lines of safeguarding organizations against such security breaches. What is the Ethical Hacking Course?
The Certified Ethical Hacker certification and training allows professionals to prove their skills as a Penetration Tester and Ethical Hacker. The certification enables professionals to start a high-growth career in information security. To be able to learn, they will need to have a basic understanding about servers and networking concepts.
All industries and businesses rely on technology to run their day-to-day operations more than ever before. You can earn anywhere from $247,60 to $132,322 as a Certified Ethical Hacker. You can earn anywhere from $247,60 up to $132,322 as a Certified Ethical Hacker.
This renowned course in ethical hacking opens many doors for professionals. They can be hired as Vulnerability Assessment, System Security Engineers, and other relevant areas of system security such as:* Ethical hackers* System administrators* Network Security Professionals* Site administrators* Security officers.
The Ethical Hacking certificate has high earning potential and growth potential. Koenig offers a wide range of intensive training resources that include classroom training and instructor-led online training.

Basics of Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Development

We’ve heard many good things about the much-anticipated Microsoft Dynamics AX Product, AX7. AX7 is still as powerful as its predecessors, but there are some interesting facts about AX7 Development you should know.
AX7 now has no MorphX/AX Development workspace. Microsoft now offers Visual Studio for AX development.
AX7 is based upon a few terminologies. These are:
Element: Any Object that is located in AOT. E.g. Base Enumeration, EDT, Table etc.
Model: A Model is a collection of elements that we have in previous versions.
Packages: A package can be a deployable unit that may have multiple Models.
Project: Projects are the logical containers that hold all of the information required to build your application.
AX7 has arrived and we are now able to use two methods of development in AX.
Overlaying is when you modify any element in an upper layer. It will override the definition in the lower layer. This is what we did until AX2012 to customize AX. It allows customization of source code and metadata at a higher level.
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It refers to the idea of extending existing elements without overriding them in other layers. This means that elements will not be customized but will be extended. All customizations and code can be stored in an extension element. It only contains the code that has been added or modified in the extension file.
We need to set up a few settings before we can start using Visual Studio. This will make it easier to use AX when developing.
Step 1:- Open AX 7 OptionsStep 2, Set Projects OptionsStep 3, Set Text Editor OptionsStep 4, Set Best Practice Options
We hope this makes your MS Dynamics AX7 experience more enjoyable. Koenig’s Development Basics of Microsoft Dynamics AX7 will open up many new possibilities and open up a world of possibilities that you didn’t know existed.
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Advanced Cyber Security Professionals Required to Prevent Terrorism

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous. Cyber-terrorism is a growing threat. It has brought to light the limitations of traditional law enforcement. Because of its rapid growth and penetration, the internet has become a popular medium for terrorists to plan, communicate and execute their evil plans. It is difficult to prevent these attacks from happening. The services of intelligent, talented, and trained people are needed in intelligence, law enforcement, military, and military to avoid the loss of lives and resources. Hackers and other miscreants pose a serious threat to businesses, individuals and investments, as well as infrastructure and governments around the world. A group of hackers took control of a jeep, and took it on a ride down the US highway. This caused panic and forced the manufacturer to recall lakhs more of the model for security upgrades. A group of hackers hacked into a dating site and threatened the public with their demands. Prominent universities from the USA, Australia, India, and the UK are now taking stock of the situation and offering relevant anti-terrorism and cyber security courses to combat this new, but very dangerous threat. San Diego University and others have established special cells and Centers for Cyber Security in recent years. Koenig Solutions has a wide security portfolio that includes more than 20 courses related to various branches of IT and cybersecurity. These courses in cyber security prepare students to examine strategic and tactical issues, and to examine the critical roles that cyber intelligence and cyber policing must play to counter the threat from cyberterrorism. Enquire Now