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NetCom Learning, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and Learning Partner of 2022 has been helping organizations achieve their business goals ever since its inception. We have been providing comprehensivetechnical and end-user training solutions to help unlock the true potential ofMicrosoft applications.
We attended Microsoft Ignite 2022 to provide the most current Microsoft training for our learners and partners. It was held from October 12-14. Microsoft Ignite 2022 focused on new tools, initiatives and enhanced products in key areas like data management, cybersecurity, app development, Microsoft 365, and data management.
Why NetCom Learning is the Ultimate Source for All Microsoft TrainingNeeds
NetCom Learning is Microsoft’s Gold Certified Partner, and Learning Partner of The Year 2022.
Offers Microsoft Skilling from the beginning to the end across the entire Microsoft Training Portfolio, including Azure, Microsoft Security and Power Platform, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

Assesses skills gaps to ensure that the right training is being provided to address training needs

There is a dedicated pool with over 1,000 Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs). This allows for immersive learning in a controlled, smaller batch size. Each learner receives specialized attention.

NetCom365 has an in-house learning management portal. This portal allows for easy registration, training deployment, learning analytics and reporting, which creates unmatched value both for learners and decision-makers

Private classes are available to enterprises that are tailored and aligned to specific industry/project use case and regulatory compliance requirements such as DoD 8140, HIPAA and OSHA.

These unique methods have enabled us to serve over 16000 organizations, 175000 professionals, and 80% of Fortune 1000 businesses (and counting).
Top Microsoft Ignite 2022 News and Updates
Microsoft Ignite 2022 brought together attendees from all walks of the industry to learn about Microsoft’s latest technologies and get a glimpse at the upcoming solutions and services.
Azure Cognitive Services
This service has seen many upgrades, including Azure OpenAI, which will give customers access to Dall-E 2. This model allows customers to create custom pictures from text or images. The Azure Cognitive Service for Language improves on existing functionalities by offering a broad access to Language Studio, increased language coverage, abstract summarizing documents and generic talks, as well as improved functionality. Computer Vision now offers Image Analysis 4.0, which extracts a wide range of visual features from images. Spatial Analysis on the Edge is also available, which focuses on improving security via video ingest and information extraction.
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Mesh Avatars For Microsoft Teams
Teams Meetings now have a private preview version for mesh avatars. This means that users can choose a customized, animated version of their avatar even if the camera isn’t activated.
Learn more about Teams app by taking the Microsoft Teams training course.
Teams Premium
The new Teams feature will make meetings more personal, intelligent, secure, and personalized. It also includes meeting guides that will allow users to choose the best experience. They can also be customized. It will also allow us to use personalized scenes in the “Together” mode, as well as logos and backgrounds for our Teams lobby.
Intelligent recaps, AI-generated tasks that are automatically assigned from meetings, intelligent replay, tailored feedback in meeting recording, intelligent search, live translations and subtitles, etc. make Teams smarter.
Viva Goals
Viva Goals now has third-party integrations that bring OKRs and goals into the workflow. Slack and Google Sheets can be integrated to allow you to receive notifications, reminders and OKR check ins directly from these apps.
Power Pages
With the following updates, Power Pages are now available:
Design Studio allows builders to create multi-step forms quickly and easily without the need for coding.

16 new templates are available on the Templates hub

Learn Hub includes a tutorial section that guides users.

Information on security and governance.

Automated Power
The Power Automate task automation tool uses AI and natural language to speed up the process. Customers can specify what they want to automate and the flow will be created quickly. Once a flow has been selected, the connectors will be set up and the flow designer can then be used to finalize it.
Power Apps
Power Apps updates