Microsoft Security Administrator Associate

Microsoft 365 security administrators are responsible for proactive security of Microsoft 365 enterprise and hybrid environments. They implement and manage security and compliance technologies, respond to attacks, and enforce data governance policies. They also work with Microsoft 365 Enterprise admins, workload mangers, and other stakeholders to create and execute security tools, plans, and plans that are compliant with the company’s policies.
The Microsoft Security Administrator Associate has the following key responsibilities:
Handling incidents, threats, and investigations
Microsoft 365 security and compliance systems: Design, administration, and analysis
Prioritizing data management
You can operate efficiently in a hybrid cloud environment using Microsoft 365 workloads
If you are looking to become a privacy specialist, or if your job involves managing and monitoring security and compliance systems in Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments, the Microsoft Security Administrator Associate certification will be a good fit.
How can I become a Microsoft Security Administrator Associate
To become a Microsoft Security Administrator Associate, you must pass the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration exam.
Exam requirements
Before taking the ms500exam, it is recommended that at least two years’ experience with Microsoft 365 security compliance solutions and security solutions be gained.
Skills measured
Implement and manage identity access (35-40%)
Microsoft 365 hybrid environments secured
Secure identities
Implement authentication methods
Conditional access can be implemented
Roles and roles should be implemented
Configure and manage identity governance
Azure AD identity protection
Manage threat protection (25-30%)
Microsoft Defender for Identity: Implement and manage
Protect yourself from threats with a device
Control and implement device and application protection
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Implement and use it
Monitor Microsoft 365 Security using Azure Sentinel
Microsoft Cloud App Security: Implement and collect
Manage and implement information protection (10-15%)
Secure sensitive information
Manage data loss prevention
Data governance and retention management
Microsoft 365 (20-25%) – Manage compliance and governance features
Configure and analyze security reports
Analyze and manage audit logs and other reports
Microsoft 365 Compliance Questions: Find and Respond
Ensure regulatory compliance
Microsoft 365 – Manage insider risks
Learning path
Protect your identity and access with Microsoft 365Overview IAM in Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 simplifies identity provisioning and access.
Strengthen authentication
Microsoft 365 is a Microsoft Security Platform that promotes security

Protect yourself against threats with Microsoft 365 threat protection
Protect yourself against threats with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Use the Microsoft security strategy principles

Protect your enterprise information with Microsoft 365Information security overview
Information protection and the changing digital environment
Sensitivity labels protect data
Prevent data loss
Analyze and monitor sensitive data

Microsoft 365Security Management Overview: Manage your security
Reporting in Microsoft 365 security centre
Secure mail with Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
Protect Windows 10 endpoints

Recertification and expiration of certification
The Microsoft 365 Security Administrator certification lasts for one year. It can be renewed online at Microsoft Learn for free by taking a free evaluation exam six month before it expires.
There are many career opportunities
After obtaining the MS-500 certification you can pursue a career in:
Security administrator
Security engineer
Cloud security architect
Compliance administrator
According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a Security Administrator Associate is US$ 71.3321.
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