Cracking the Hadoop Developer Interview: What You Need to Know And Do?

Apache Hadoop is a Java-based, free software framework that allows distributed storage and distributed processing for large amounts of data, also known as Big Data. It is a smart decision to spend some time learning Hadoop and its applications so that you can crack the Hadoop developer interview.
We will be discussing some of the most important points to remember if you want to get a job as a Hadoop developer.
What is Hadoop Developer all about?
If you are new to the topic, let’s start with the example of a Hadoop developer instead of a software developer. There is very little difference between them as both are responsible to write codes and program. Only the Hadoop developer works within a Big Data environment. Big data refers a large volume of data in petabytes or exabytes that is beyond the processing power available to traditional data processing apps.
What makes Hadoop useful?
Hadoop administration has the greatest advantage of processing large amounts of data. Hadoop is needed by industries in finance, tourism, healthcare, finance and advertising to create, manage, analyze, and process large amounts of data.
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Hadoop is fault-tolerant at a different level. It offers unhindered continuity and quickly moves to another location in the event of a lost node.
Tips and tricks to crack the Hadoop Interview
First, you must be familiar with Hadoop’s various prototypes, designs and theories. You should also be able to apply this knowledge. You should also improve your communication skills to be able to effectively communicate your ideas. Keep up-to-date with current trends and be well-informed in your field. You can find your dream job as Hadoop developer at a top-ranking organization with the right materials and hardwork.
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COVID-19: What Are We Doing To Help During These Times

People have made major changes to their work and study habits since the Covid-19 pandemic. Online courses and classes are gradually becoming less common. This is creating a path for the digitalisation of many courses. One of the fastest growing sectors in the world is IT and business. These courses are in high demand today. These courses are highly sought-after:Project Management Certification: Your career path can be made or broken by your management skills. These skills are essential for project managers to be able to meet the demands of global projects. The PMP Certification allows one to improve his managerial skills and gain experience in managing tasks. The Project Management Institute offers the PMP Certification, which is considered one of the most prestigious. This comprehensive certification is available to project managers of all levels and education.
Scrum Master Certification: This certification allows you to work and execute in a Scrum environment. Scrum professionals ensure that Scrum procedures are being used in their organization. It facilitates sprint meetings through sprint planning, sprint review, and sprint retrospective.
AWS Certification: AWS certification validates cloud expertise. It helps professionals to get in-demand skills to create effective teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. Higher certification levels lead to better growth rates and higher consideration during the hiring process.
ITIL Certification: The IT Infrastructure Library Certification (ITIL) is one of the most sought-after certifications. ITIL certification brings together best practices from both the public and private sectors internationally. It explains how IT resources should be organized in order to provide the best business value.
Six Sigma Certification: This certification is recognized worldwide for its ability to improve quality and process. This certification is a validation of an individual’s ability to adhere to the strict standards at every level. It teaches skills for the DMAIC cycle’s various phases, which are Define, Measure Analyze, Analyze and Improve.
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These certifications are useful and can reap great benefits. Koenig offers the best online certification training, including the Scrum Master Certification and Scrum Master Certifications, AWS Certifications, ITIL Certifications, Six Sigma Certification and the Scrum Master Certification. Koenig’s online training solutions allow one to study anywhere he likes. Koenig offers a unique 1-on-1 method for students. Get in touch with us today

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Benefits

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification certifies your ability to manage and optimize cloud infrastructure services. It is the only vendor-neutral certification that covers more than one function. It is performance-based and will help you realize greater returns on your investment in cloud infrastructure services. The cloud-based infrastructure services are an essential part of any organization’s IT system. This certification covers all the knowledge and skills required to perform a data centre job well.
You will be able to increase your earning potential by learning the best certifications 2021. These are the skills you will acquire:
Configuration and deployment: Analyzing the system requirements to perform workload migrations to cloud.
Security: Implementing all security controls required.
Management: Understanding how to allocate cloud resources correctly and making changes after analysing performance data.
Maintenance: How to use the appropriate technologies to achieve the desired performance.
Troubleshooting: How do you troubleshoot connectivity issues and security issues that are related to cloud implementations?
CompTIA Cloud+ Certification emphasizes the integration and management of cloud technologies in larger systems operations. It assumes that a candidate can combine solutions that meet specific business requirements and work in a variety industries.
These posts may also be of interest to you. CompTIA Project+ Certifications can spice up your career
The exam covers the latest technologies to support the evolving cloud market. As more organizations rely on cloud-based technology to run mission-critical systems and applications, hybrid and multi-cloud are becoming the norm.
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Complete Guide to Ethical Hacking – Best Hacking Courses for 2022

Hacking does not require knowledge of coding or firewalls. Hacking requires the ability to take on challenges and solve them quickly. Ethical hacking can be one of the most popular paths in cybersecurity. It involves understanding the thinking of hackers and malicious third party and finding vulnerabilities in an organisation’s network infrastructure. There are many job opportunities available, depending on what role you are interested and the career path that you choose. What is an ethical hacker?
Certified professionals who are authorized to legally hack into security systems in order to strengthen them and find vulnerabilities, are called ethical hackers. An ethical hacker is a professional who can legally access network security infrastructure to discover vulnerabilities and strengthen it. Companies hire ethical hackers to fix any security holes and ensure secure data management. This could also include retrieving email and other data that might be inaccessible.
Cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and widespread over the past years. The financial industry has seen an increase in cybersecurity professionals. Several new regulations have been implemented since the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. These regulations require financial institutions to pay more attention their cybersecurity and data protection systems. This shift has created many new jobs and opportunities for ethical hackers. There are many jobs in top financial companies around the world that are open to qualified and competent ethical hackers. You could work at Bank of America, Allstate, JPMorgan Chase, JPMorgan Chase, and Barclays. Most organisations recommend that you have a certification in ethical hackers to get a job as a hacker. Most employers recommend that you have a certification in ethical hacking to get a job as a hacker. This is because most employers don’t have the skills necessary to implement security protocols and ensure cybersecurity within their organizations. Employers rely on cybersecurity certifications to verify that their candidates are competent.
Certified Ethical Hacker
The CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), course is one of the most popular certification options. It tests candidates’ skills in risk management, countermeasures and investigating security threats through labs and lectures. A cybersecurity professional who has been working in the field for at least two years can take the exam. They will need to show proof of their work experience, which should not be less than two years. The CEH certification is administered by the EC-Council. They offer a variety of options, including instructor-led training, self-study, and video lectures. Each option can be found on

Comparative Analysis of Cisco Certifications and Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft and Cisco are the two largest certification companies for IT professionals. They offer a wide variety of certifications to individuals who want to become proficient in Information Technology and Networking. They are often overwhelmed by the many options available and find it difficult to choose the right credential for them based on their needs and skills. Comparative Analysis
The Microsoft certifications are for people who want to build a career in IT. Cisco certifications offer a variety of certifications in networking.
Microsoft is the largest software company, while Cisco manufactures networking equipment and IT infrastructure equipment like routers and switches.
Microsoft certifications give candidates experience working with Microsoft software and servers. Cisco certifications are a way to showcase your IT networking experience.
The Microsoft exams are easier than the Cisco certificationexams. The number of Microsoft certifications is greater than that offered by Cisco. ALSO READ:Top 10 Most In Demand Highest Paying Microsoft CertificatesThe Cons of the Two Programs
Microsoft certifications are required to ensure that you understand and can use the Microsoft software and associated computer languages.
Although the exams are easier than those created by Cisco, candidates still consider them to be difficult.
Pro Tip: To accelerate your learning about Microsoft Certifications consider top microsoft certifications to grow in your career.
Certification programs are more expensive.
These exams are more difficult than you might think. This is why it takes a lot of time, effort, and sincerity to prepare for them.
These certifications can be difficult to obtain.
These certifications are less popular than Microsoft certifications.
Pro Tip: For a fast-tracked learning experience in Cisco Networking, take a look at the Updated Cisco CCNA Training Courses.
Working techniqueThe Microsoft software needs to be updated every week, while Cisco routers need to be configured every six months. This is why Microsoft certifications are more preferred than Cisco Certified Professionals. For instance, a particular IT company may prefer hiring a Certified Microsoft Engineer rather than a Cisco Networking professional.Comparison of salaries
Cisco certified professionals earn higher salaries than their Microsoft peers, when you consider the salary.
It is difficult to choose between the two certifications when you consider all of their aspects. Both programs can be used to boost your career. The main difference between the two programs is the type of systems they work on. While Microsoft focuses on server maintenance and Cisco focuses on networking systems. Enquire Now

Cisco Certification Guide: Overview and Career Pathways

Cisco is a well-known name in the IT industry. Cisco is a leading manufacturer of network-related equipment. It also offers a useful product line for data management and cloud management centres. Cisco Certification Program
You need to have a certain level of technical knowledge and real-world experience in order to operate Cisco products. Cisco certifications are created so that anyone can work in any role that requires Cisco products and related services. It also handles most Cisco certifications. Some certifications go beyond the expert level and extend the architect level. While some certifications can be obtained by passing one exam, others require you to pass multiple levels before you can earn them. You can choose your certification:
Cisco offers many certifications. You can see the complete list here:CCENT – Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician
CCT – Cisco Certified Technician
CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCDA – Cisco Certified Design Associate
CCNP – Cisco Certified Network Professional
CCDP – Cisco Certified Design Professional
CCIE – Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
CCDE – Cisco Certified Design Expert
CCAr – Cisco Certified Architect
Then there’s Technical Specialist, a category with specialisations across six domains.Collaboration
Data Center (FlexPod).
Network Programmability
Operating System Software
Service Provider
Internet of things (IoT).
There are also Digital Transformation Specialists, a credential designed for Customer Success and Business Architecture.Entry-level, associate-level, and professional-level certifications expire after a fixed period of three years. The CCIE and other specialist-level certifications have a two year validity, while the CCAr certification can be valid for up to five. You must renew your certification before your credentials expire. These certifications are for entry-level professionals.
This level has two certifications. CCENT – Cisco Certified Entry Netzing Technician
CCT – Cisco Certified Technician
There are no prerequisites for these credentials. Passing one exam can earn either of these credentials. They must also implement network security at a basic level. CCENT certification is required for certain associate-level certifications such as CCNA or CCDA solutions. A CCT certified professional is responsible for working at customer locations to diagnose and resolve issues.

Certified ethical hacker sees highest salary growth rate in 2022

A recent report by TeamLease Services, a staffing company, revealed that certain profiles have experienced significant salary growth. The profile of Certified Ethical Hacker (Telecommunications) is at the top of the list with an increase of 18.16%. The profile of Certified Ethical Hacker in Telecommunications was next (17.29% increase), Wellness Advisor for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals (16.27% rise) and Merchant Relations Executive for E-commerce (16.19%).
According to Indeed’s survey, the average salary for Certified Ethical Hacker job profiles is $63,249 per annum for a Network Analyst and $113,115 per annum for a Penetration Tester.
The salary structure and the report are both clear indicators that a career in Certified Ethical hacker can be a great one. They are responsible for taking preventive steps to the next level using hacking techniques. Certified Ethical Hackers hack computer systems in a legal manner. This is different from malicious hackers. These weak points are then fixed before anyone can use or abuse them to gain access to the system. This certification shows your technical and professional skills to perform the tasks. There are many job opportunities for CEH certified professionals, including Penetration Tester and Network Security Specialist, Ethical Hacker and Security Consultant, Auditor, Site Administrator, and Security Consultant. This certification opens up many lucrative job opportunities in corporate organizations like the National Security Agency, the Committee on National Security Systems and the Department of Defense (DoD).
To become a Certified Ethical Hacker, there are certain steps that an individual must follow.
Learn how to pass the CEH exam and get CEH certification
Take advantage of opportunities to become a Certified Ethical Hacker
Many job opportunities will open up once you are certified by CEH. You just need to show your expertise and knowledge in the best way possible. You can do this by doing thorough research on the types of questions you might be asked during interviews and understanding how your new skills will benefit the company you are applying for. This will make it easier to interview and more impressive. You will be noticed by employers if you have a certificate. This is a sign that you are interested in the Cyber Security field and stands out from the rest.

Career Prospects After ITIL Certification

ITIL Certification has gained popularity in recent years among professional courses. This is evident from the inclusion of ITIL in the top 15 highest-paid certifications in the world for 2018. ITIL certifications give ITIL professionals an advantage over other employees and job seekers. ITIL services are required in all types of organizations related to the IT industry. ITIL professionals can find high-paying jobs in any IT company. This is despite the fact that ITIL is a well-known framework. However, many people have questions about the career opportunities available to them. This small article will help the reader build a general outlook towards the current job market for ITIL certified professionals.Typically, ITIL methodologies are applied in the field of Service Management. After obtaining ITIL Certification, the most common roles are that of Incident Analyst, Change Coordinator and Problem Analyst.
Software maintenance and development are two of the most important areas. Software development is the process of creating new applications in a given time frame using project management. Software maintenance is the management and maintenance of an application once it is running. ITIL Certifications are available in a variety of formats.
ITIL Foundation certification tests will test your knowledge of the basic principles, processes and roles of ITIL. ITIL Foundation certification tests the fundamental knowledge of ITIL processes, roles, concepts, terms, and more. ITIL Intermediate: This exam measures the candidate’s ability to analyze service management. ITIL Expert: This certification certifies your professional excellence in the ITIL framework. ITIL Expert: This certification certifies your professional excellence in the ITIL framework.
Here’s a list of jobs you should be looking for in the job market based on your professional experience: BEGINNER (0-7 years of experience).
An introductory profession in IT Service Management, such as IBM Tivoli or BMC Remedy.
IT infrastructure jobs in MNCs
Technical support, IT support, service delivery analyst, help desk, technical support, etc.
MIDDLE LEVEL (More Than 7 Years of Experience):
Manager of IT Service Delivery Manager is a more responsible job.
Release Manager
Manager for Incidents or Problems
Service Desk Manager
This deep knowledge of the infrastructure is what makes you an independent consultant in ITIL
ITIL Trainer
ITIL is an exam that you can take and pass, regardless of your professional background. However, you may not have many job opportunities if the ITIL exam is not something you are familiar with. This certification is for you if you are interested in a career in software maintenance or management.

After completing Hadoop Administration, there are many career opportunities

Big Data is a highly lucrative career for job seekers, as machine-generated unstructured data is growing at an exponential rate. Training and certification in Hadoop could make the difference between a fulfilling career and being lost in the crowd. Technology professionals must recognize the potential big break that Big Data projects could bring to them. The skills in Hadoop can make professionals more valuable to their employers and more marketable to potential employers. This is what makes IT companies more inclined to hire people who can turn the tide in their favor. This has led to a greater demand for Hadoop-skilled talent than ever before. The Hadoop descriptions clearly show the diversity of roles available in the field. You can choose to be a developer, a data scientist, or any other role. There are many Hadoop components that students can learn about. It can help students make the right choice by having a quick overview of job titles and descriptions. This will help you make the right decision when choosing the job as a Hadoop expert. Hadoop training in this field can give your career a boost. It is easier to get a job in Hadoop as a Hadoop administrator, Hadoop developer, or Hadoop architect after certification. There are many other roles available. Industries are seeking certified professionals. This career is very lucrative but requires a deep understanding of technology. There are many job opportunities in industries that deal with big data. An analysis will reveal that Hadoop Architect is the professional responsible for designing the system’s functionality. The job of a Hadoop developer is to create programs that make the architect’s vision a reality. The tester is also an important role. The tester is responsible for ensuring that each piece of code is safe and sound. Businesses need skilled professionals to perform the roles of Hadoop administrators and data scientists training.
Hadoop Administration is a more complex role than development and comes with many responsibilities. Administrators are paid more than developers. A professional is assigned the responsibility of ensuring that the Hadoop cluster runs smoothly, according to the design. The Administrator is responsible for managing cluster issues, including creation, tuning, maintenance of nodes, monitoring the cluster, security, capacity planning, and software deployment. The Administrator must also be able to manage backup, recovery, and maintenance. You can expect the Admin to have a good understanding of Hadoop architecture and a good knowledge of hardware systems.

After obtaining CCNA Certification, there are many career opportunities

Cisco CCNA certification is the first step towards a successful career in the Networking industry. Cisco Systems is one of the most respected vendors, originators, or makers of Networking Routers. Cisco has a vast ‘Human Network’ that connects people around the globe with top-notch Audio and Video correspondence. CCNA certification is the first step towards a career with this brand. CCNA certification is only the first step in a long-term and highly rewarding profession decision. Cisco offers five levels of preparation for vocation confirmation programs.
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Cloud Engineers, Cloud Directors and System Engineers
Associate level offers a variety of CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) preparing. CCNA Cloud is for cloud engineers, cloud directors, and system engineers. This preparation is a great way to learn the fundamental skills and to manage innovation moves in the organization. Security Operations
CCNA Cyber Ops preparation will open up many opportunities for you. CCNA Cyber Ops training will prepare for the challenging job of maintaining digital security. This accreditation will allow you to focus your career on security operations after you have been certified. CISCO’s CCNA Data Centre offers extensive preparation that will save you time and money. This includes server farm layout, usage, and upkeep. CCNA Industrial is the best option for those who live in areas where both IT systems and modern systems intersect. It is especially valuable for assembling, handle control, and oil and gas enterprises.Also Read:-Everything You Need to Know About Cisco CCNA CertificationSecurity
CISCO also offers CCNA Security training. A system that is proficient in CCNA security will be able to create a security framework, recognize threats, and mitigate them. He or she will be able to use innovation as part of security structures. Experts with CCNA Routing, Cisco CCENT and Switching, or any CCIE affirmation are qualified to prepare for CCNA Security accreditation.Wireless
CCNA Wireless confirmation addresses a need for talented wireless experts to ensure that business innovation is well-designed, tested, and supported. This training will increase your knowledge and skills in LAN setup, checking, and investigation. You will be able to manage a centralised remote network to organize and a focalized access network. This accreditation has a few pre-requisites.ConclusionCertifications such as CCNA give a good boost to your career and takes you a step ahead. Talk to our Counselor