AWS climbs in Application Usage Ranking

Okta Inc. published the latest service and business application usage report for Amazon Web Services Inc.
Okta, a San Francisco-based company that provides identity and access services for organizations, periodically mines its internal data in order to determine the popularity of pre-integrated apps and services it offers through its cloud service. The company then publishes the data in its “Business @ Work” reports.
AWS has taken over the No. 1 spot in the rankings, according to the latest report. 4th place in the rankings.
G Suite is Google’s cloud-based offering, which provides e-mail storage, document, and other services as a complement to similar office suites like Microsoft Office.
AWS is ranked No. AWS is ranked 4th in the rankings behind Microsoft Office 365 and AWS is rounded out by G Suite, Concur and JIRA, Slack and Zendesk.
[Click on the image to see a larger view.] Top Apps Over Time (source: Okta). While most rankings remain fairly stable, Okta identified two companies that are making significant upward moves.
The company stated that Amazon Web Services had just surpassed G Suite for the number four spot and that Slack jumped from the 12th most downloaded app to the 8th in less then a year.
AWS was also included in other trends identified and reported by the company. Okta stated that the data suggests that automation is crucial for apps containing sensitive data. Users can be deprovisioned immediately if necessary. “This includes Amazon Web Services (with a new code), Salesforce (sales figures), Zendesk, customer service issues and requests, and Dropbox (documents saved).
The Okta research is not meant to be used as an indicator of overall application popularity. It covers a much smaller area. The company stated that the report is representative of Okta’s cloud-forward customers, the apps that we connect to and the ways that users access these applications through the service.