What is ITIL framework? Why is ITIL framework so popular?

What is ITIL framework? ITIL framework is the talk of town. What are the benefits? Let’s take a look at the ITIL framework for a better understanding.
ITIL Framework:
The 5W1H is a technique that can help you understand a topic in its entirety. This technique allows you to understand a topic in its entirety. What is this technique? You will have a complete understanding of the topic if you answer the question of What? Why? Where? When? Who and How? Let’s apply this technique to the ITIL framework.
What is ITIL framework? ITIL definition
Before we get into the ITIL framework, let’s first define ITIL. ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. What is the relationship between ITIL and a framework? ITIL is not a library, but it is called a library because of its origin. ITIL Framework is a framework that provides structure to ITIL. It allows for the management of Information Technology services. Let’s look at the relationship between the library and the framework to understand how it came about.
What version of ITIL is currently in use?
Let’s look at the ITIL framework version and the versions that were released before it.

ITIL V3 Foundation, which was upgraded in 2011, is the current version. It is also known as ITIL 2011 and ITIL V3 2011. The current upgrade was made possible by the Improvisation of ITIL V3 foundation.
What does ITIL Framework do?
The question of “How” can be approached from many angles when it comes to ITIL framework. One aspect is “How did ITIL framework come about?” Another perspective is “How does ITIL framework help?”
Origin of ITIL framework
The origins of ITIL Library and ITIL Framework can be traced back as far as the 1980s. A set of books was created over three decades ago to guide IT Service Management. This framework was created to provide a structured approach for managing IT Services across industries.
What does ITIL Framework do?
We will discuss this more in the future, but at a high-level, ITIL Framework eliminates confusion in practices and gives consistency, increases productivity, and reduces costs. IT Services would be managed in accordance with the ITIL Framework’s principles, processes, and procedures across all industries and countries.
Why the ITIL Framework?
Information Technology was a relatively new technology that enabled business processes more than 30 years ago. Each company was unique in how it delivered IT services. There was no consistency or predictability among the service providers. What can you expect from this? Confusion, rework and loss of time and/or money are all possible. In the 1980s, the UK Government decided uniformity was essential and a framework was to be established for all IT services. ITIL Framework provides a consistent and consistent method to identify, plan for, deliver, and maintain IT services that add value to a business.
Where is ITIL Framework used
Is ITIL Framework only for Government? Or is it applicable to a specific industry such as Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare? No! This framework can be used across industries, wherever Information Technology Services are being used to benefit and enhance the business. ITIL Framework supports IT Service Management in all its forms. ITIL Framework is a collection of best practices that will help you manage IT services more efficiently.
What is the ITIL Framework?
Is there a specific stage at which ITIL Framework should be used? Are there prerequisites or a minimum level of maturity required for organizations to implement the ITIL Framework? It can be implemented at any point. Implementing the ITIL Framework is best when your company has established processes for delivering IT services.
Who uses the ITIL Framework
ITIL Framework can be adopted by any organization, regardless of industry. It is best for medium-sized to large companies. Even though small businesses can benefit, it is better to pick and choose which organizations will be most benefited.