What are the top Project Management trends for 2018?

What are the top Project Management trends for 2018?

Project management has been a highly sought-after functional branch of industry in recent years. Project management is useful for launching new products or software. Project management is about completing projects within budget and time constraints. This is the key to its success. Industry’s bottom line and top line are affected by time and cost. These topics cover program management techniques and tools to manage these components.
Agile is a popular buzzword in project management. It helps us face today’s dynamic challenges. It is used to react to inevitable changes. It is a subject that has attracted the attention of academics, with various levels of PMP certifications. Professionals in project management have lucrative career options. We can’t ignore the flip side of the coin. Each year brings new challenges to the project management community. We’ve witnessed rapid industry changes over the past few years. Project management topics have been on the path to maturity.
Project Management
According to the definition of PMBoK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge), 6th Edition
“Project management is the application knowledge, skills, and techniques to project activities in order to meet project requirements.”
Trends in Project Management
What does Project Management Trend mean?
Over the years, the dynamics of project management have changed. It doesn’t matter if Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of Things), or automation has changed. This new generation of evolution must be integrated into project management framework. Project Management trends can help us predict the future of project management. Understanding the current and future trends in project management can help you combat project management problems.
The Biggest Project Management Trends for 2018
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As we move from 2017 to 2018, I have attempted to identify the most important Project Management trends for 2018.
Here are the top 10 challenges facing project managers in 2018:
All organizations can shift to Enterprise PMO (Project Management Offices).

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI), to improve productivity and decision-making.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a skill that project managers can use to improve their projects’ performance.

Wearable technology used to understand people

Combination of traditional and agile approaches as a hybrid.

Effective resource management

Remote project teams are becoming more cultured

Digitalization and real-time updates are essential.

Kanban Boards are a technique used in project management.


These trends are universal regardless of industry or organizational context. These mega-trends are important and require attention from Project Management professionals. This is important to ensure that you are able to incorporate the necessary elements to meet future needs.
Let’s now discuss these trends in more detail:
1. Shift to structured Enterprise PMOs (Project Management Offices).
Recent trends have shown that most organizations are inclining to establish PMOs. Management expects this trend to continue in 2018. PMOs are a way to promote a culture of central focus in organizations. It bridges the gap between project goals and organizational top-level objectives. Enterprise PMO is becoming more popular in project management-oriented industries and businesses. EPMO enables you to connect business goals and strategies with individual project outcomes. It supports its effective implementation. EPMO provides tools for enterprise project management to the organization. PMO also provides support and tools for enterprise project management.