Troubleshooting Email Problems

Email has become an integral part any professional environment. A lot of information is sent via mail. Email was the preferred method of communication when I worked in customer service. It was like “if your mail does not work, then you cannot work at all.” It is obvious that you should be familiar with the basics of email troubleshooting. Most cases can be solved by us. Below are a few issues that can easily be solved without the involvement of a third party, which saves everyone a lot of time.
Verify that your email address is correct. This is the most common mistake that we make. Double-checking the email address you have entered is a good idea. If the email address is not correct, you might receive error messages such as ‘XXXX user does not exist on this platform’ or ‘DNS Error: Domain not found’. If the error message refers to the domain name, it is the part after ‘@’,. When the error message refers to the user, it’s the first part, i.e. ‘@’.
Check that your settings are correct. When you first configure your email, there are several steps. You can check that your settings are correct by clicking on “Accounta Settings”.
Restart your computer: This seems to be the best solution to any problem. Outlook uses special files to send and receive emails. Restart can be used to rebuild these files.
You can read the error message. Email issues can usually be resolved if the error messages have been properly understood and read. A detailed error message will be displayed on an email that has been rejected. Although you might not be able decipher the entire message, you can attempt to understand the main message. These two reasons could be the reason why the mail was rejected.
Mailbox full: This is the problem with the recipient’s mail. The mailbox of the recipient to which you sent mail is full and can not accept new emails. We can only help the recipient to resolve the issue. There is nothing you can do.
IP on block list: This is another problem that cannot be solved by us. Sometimes, servers through which we send emails may be on one or more block lists. These block lists are used to prevent spam mails. Although the error message may be technical, it is worth sending the mail again if the message contains the words “block”.

Spam: A particular office environment may prevent you from sending any attachments, words, or images. It is important to understand the problem in order to resolve it. For example. Our office had rules that prohibited us from sending attachments to emails outside of network mails. The email would not be delivered. Your office rules may consider certain words in emails spam. This would limit the sending and receiving of such email.
These steps may not resolve the problem. If the issue is a network issue, contact your customer service or the technical team. To make it easier for them to fix the problem, be sure to take screenshots or record any error messages.

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