Treehouse uses TeamGantt to provide a popular new service.

Many companies use TeamGantt for managing their projects. Today, we want to highlight one company. You may have heard a lot recently about them. Treehouse is a company that is changing lives through providing a low-cost and high-quality way for people to learn iOS technology and web development. After completing the course, it helps people find jobs.
Treehouse members host large web conferences which allow people to learn the most recent web design and development techniques. Treehouse founder and CEO Ryan Carson wanted more people to learn these skills, without having to spend a lot on travel, conference passes or hotels. Online classes were the obvious choice. Many people can now learn what they want online without having to spend a lot of money on expensive training and conferences. Treehouse provides high-quality videos and expert instructors to help people learn the skills they want.
Ryan Carson wanted TeamGantt’s help to see the whole picture of what he was doing. They wanted to launch the project in time for New York’s big FOWD conference.
Treehouse is made up talented people from the UK and US. They needed project management software that would allow them to remotely manage their projects. TeamGantt allowed everyone to log in to view their gantt chart and update their progress. They could also see the work they had to do in order to keep the project moving forward.
Treehouse was launched just two weeks ago and word is rapidly spreading about its amazingness! We are extremely excited about Treehouse’s work and encourage everyone to visit it!
We would love to hear from other companies about how they use TeamGantt.
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