Top 9 Free Project Planning Software

Project planning software can help you plan and execute your projects.
Planning the project correctly will ensure it succeeds, regardless of its size. It is your job as a project manager to create a detailed project plan that will help you avoid roadblocks. How will you know the workload of your team? How will you determine the budget required? How do you determine the timeline?
We understand that planning can be daunting. We have project planning software that will help you plan and your team execute more efficiently. It will allow you to clearly communicate the approach and process that your team will use to complete your project.
We recommend that you start with a free tool if you are just starting to use project management software in your small business. This will allow you to test the tool’s functionality before you purchase its premium version.
We’ve compiled a list with nine free project management software solutions, sorted alphabetically based on user ratings. (Learn how we chose the products.
Take me there1Asana is a customizable project template that allows you to list the best project management software.
Asana is a project management software that allows you to plan, manage, track and communicate about your projects. It allows you to outline key tasks and due dates, and set goals, milestones and objectives.
It provides project views in multiple formats such as list, calendar, Kanban, timeline, and Kanban. The dashboard displays the status of all projects in real-time. These dashboards can be customized and do not require manual updating.
This project planning tool includes a variety of project templates you can use to create your own projects. You can also create your own templates for common tasks. This tool can be integrated to over 100 applications including Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud and Clockwise.
Asana offers applications for Android, iOS and Windows. It provides support via forums, guides, and articles. You can reach their team by filling out a form online.
*Analysis correct as of April 20222ClickUp – Allows software customization using ClickApps
ClickUp is a project management software with project planning capabilities. It allows you to plan, track, and work with your team members on projects. You can comment on documents and tasks, chat in real-time, or share attachments to facilitate communication.
This tool allows you to simplify complex tasks and projects by breaking them into subtasks. It provides 15+ views for projects, including board, calendar and Gantt views, as well as whiteboard, whiteboard, mind map and whiteboard.
ClickUp can be customized without having to modify its code. You can customize ClickUp with the 35+ ClickApps that it comes with, each with different functionalities.
ClickUp offers applications for Android, iOS and Mac, Windows, Linux, and Windows. It provides support via help docs and on-demand demos. Video tutorials, webinars, and FAQs are also available. Their team is available by chat and phone.
*Analysis correct as of April 20223GoodDay : Productivity Suite apps help to improve productivity
GoodDay is a platform for managing work. It allows you to plan, manage, visualize and track your project. You can choose from 20+ views such as Kanban board and task list.
The tool offers three types of resources and work load management. These allow you to plan resources based upon the project’s priority, task, and level. You can also create custom work schedules for your team members based on events like vacation and travel.
GoodDay is a company that offers spe