The New Security+ Certification Exam: What You Need to Know

Cyberattacks have reached epidemic proportions.
The number of malware infections per month now exceeds 20,000,000. Data breaches have exposed more than 11.5 billion records since 2005.
Four out of five organizations suffered at least one successful cyberattack in 2019. More than one third of all organizations were the victims of six or more successful cyberattacks.
A ransomware attack on a business is expected to occur once every 11 seconds by 2021.
Cybercrime will result in $6 trillion in global economic losses by 2021. This is an increase of 100 per cent in six years and the largest transfer of economic wealth in human history.
To make matters worse, 85 percent are facing a shortage of security professionals. The demand for information security professionals certified has never been greater.
Certified professionals can fight cybercrime
To verify cybersecurity competency, the Computing Technology Industry Association Security+ certification is used by the overwhelming majority of businesses when filling cybersecurity positions. Security+ is the most highly regarded security certification out of all the available security certifications.
Security+ certification is the foundation for today’s IT security professionals. It is internationally recognized for validating foundational-level security knowledge and skills.
A CompTIA security certification can be a significant asset for IT professionals. An average CompTIA security certification holder earns a higher salary than those with similar qualifications, but without a certification.
Security+ Certification Exam Changes
The new CompTIA Security+ certification exam, SY0-601, is due to be released in mid November 2020. This exam is significantly different from the SY0-501 exam.
The SY0-501 Security+ exam released in 2017 focused on cybersecurity. Organizations monitored network traffic and reacted to attacks. However, cybersecurity today is proactive and not reactive. The emphasis is on finding evidence of an infiltration into a company before the cyberattack actually begins.
Many instances now allow for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to predict an attack. These changes are reflected in the new Security+ SY0-601 certificate, which prepares learners to take on these new job roles.
Security+: The Most Recent Edition
In November 2020, the new Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals 7e will be available to instructors. It will include the updated CompTIA SY0-601 exam and map to the new exam’s objectives.

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