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Certifications are the best and most affordable way to improve your career. It is easy to identify the field in the which one wants to specialize and then choose the certification that best suits that field. Certifications such as Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam add value to your skill set and help you to develop and show dedication to your career.
It is important to review the exam format and study materials before deciding which certification to choose. This article will explain the exam format and some important policies that you should know before you sit for the exam. Let us get started!
Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Overview
Candidates who have at least three months experience using Tableau Desktop are eligible to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Examination.
Exam Prerequisites
This exam does not require any prerequisites. Every person learns differently, so every day’s use of Tableau is different. These recommendations are not meant to be used as a guideline, but as a way to get more experience and learning resources.
Exam Format
Below is a summary of the exam format for Tableau Desktop Specialist. A brief description of the same follows.
First, the exam’s name is Tableau Desktop Specialist. There is no code for this exam. This exam has 30 questions. They can be of various types, including case studies, short answers and mark review.
The exam can be taken in English, Japanese or simplified Chinese, as well as German, French, Brazilian Portuguese or International Spanish. This exam will cost USD 100, plus any additional taxes.
You will also need to pass the exam in 60 minutes. This is not difficult if you have the ability to manage your time well. To pass the exam, you must score at least 70%.
Exam NameTableau Desktop SpecialistDelivery PlatformWindows Virtual MachinecontainingTableau DesktopExam Duration60 minsExam FormatMultiple Choice and Multi-Response QuestionsValidityNo ExpirationNumber of Questions30 QuestionsEligibility/Pre-RequisiteNILExam Fee$100 USDExam LanguageEnglish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, International SpanishPass Score70% and aboveExam Registration
These steps will help you register for the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam:
First, visit the official Tableau Desktop Specialistexam guide.
Second, scroll down to the System Preparation section and click on Register Now.
Thirdly, you will be redirected the Loyalist ExamServices page. This is the official exam partner for Tableau.
The candidate will then be required to sign up or log in. Follow the prompts.
Final step: Complete the registration and pay the fee.
Accredited Credentials
After passing this exam successfully, you will be awarded Tableau Desktop Specialist. This title is not renewable.
Course outline
The Tableau Desktop Specialist Course covers these domains:
Connecting to and Preparing Data
First, create and save data connections
Secondly, establish a live connection with a data source
Thirdly, explain the differences between extracts and life connections
Fourth, create an extract
Also, save metadata properties in a. TDS
Afterwards, Modify data connections
Also, add a join to a mixture
Also, add a union
In addition, Manage data properties
Rename a data column
Assign a alias to a data-value
A geographic role can also be assigned to a data field
Also, you can change the data type of a data field (number or date, string, Boolean, etc.).
Lastly, you can change the default properties of a data field (number formatting, aggregation color, date format etc.).
Analyzing and Exploring Data
Basic ch