Software Development is Oversaturated

One of the most frequent questions heard by prospective Coding Dojo students is: “Is software development oversaturated?”.Software engineering has been growing for years now, and, as more and more developers enter the market, it must seem obvious that we’d hit a point where there aren’t enough jobs to go around.
As the pool of skilled coders increases, so does the demand. Software developers are needed by companies in every industry, worldwide.
Are you looking for evidence? Let’s take a look at some numbers that show software development is not oversaturated.
Software Engineering is Oversaturated
Software developers saw a slight drop in demand at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, the squeeze ended sooner that most and software developer demand has returned to full force.
According to Slashdata, the number of software developers has increased each year since 2018, and this trend will continue in the foreseeable future.
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is as bullish as Slashdata. They predict that between 2020 and 2030, the employment of software developers would grow 22 percent. This is much faster than the average growth for all occupations. Is that really possible? How fast is that? (October 2020). The U.S. government predicts that around 100,000 more software engineers will be available by the end of this decade, bringing the total to 409,500.
Software Development Jobs are also growing
Software engineers are in high demand right now.
These roles are so popular that six out of the 10 most in-demand technical jobs of 2022 will be filled by web developers. This list highlights a unique aspect to being a professional coder, compared to other jobs in the tech industry. There will be demand for different skills due to the sheer number of engineering jobs available.
Many companies are looking to hire full-stack, well-rounded engineers. This highlights the importance of learning all three stacks early on in your career. You can become a full-stack developer and be qualified for more coding jobs as well as learning specific languages.
Learning Apex can help build a niche as Salesforce developer. Swift and Kotlin can guide you to mobile development. MySQL can also be helpful in your journey to becoming a cloud engineer. Because demand for software developers is high, the possibilities seem endless.
What are the Current Coding Jobs?
Indeed’s quick search revealed that there are over 143,000 open positions in the United States for the title of software engineer. These jobs require different skills and experience, but they are all full-time and not contract work.
Remote work is possible with over 43,000 job opportunities. Are you looking for a job as an entry-level worker? There are currently more than 17,000 entry-level jobs in software development.
Software development is not saturated at the moment. According to experts, the coding job market will continue expanding as more people apply for roles. It’s likely due to a combination of several factors:
It’s a highly skilled job that is in high demand.
There are many languages you can learn.
Companies are attempting to be more digital.

Our world is becoming more tech-driven. This isn’t changing. The only thing that will change is how we build them. They will always need to get built, so if you are thinking of learning how to code, do not ask “is there a job?” Instead, ask “what can I do to find the job that I want.”
How to become a software engineer
Now that you have the data, how can you learn to code and be hired as a software engineer. There are many ways to become a software engineer.
Computer science degree
Coding bootcamp

Computer Science Degree
A 4-year degree is not required to be hired as a web developer, unlike many other well-paid, white-collar jobs. A computer science degree is a good choice for someone who just graduated high school and is looking to gain college experience.
This is especially true if your goal is to make a career out of your life. Computer science programs are more theoretical than practical. This is important for anyone considering a computer science degree.
As a computer science major you will learn a lot of important things. However, it is important to practice programming languages and learn them on your own.