Refurbished my Work, Notification Bell EAP and Invoice QR Code

Welcome to the latest ActiveCollab updates! Last month we discussed our ongoing projects: Refurbishing My Work, improving the notification bell and treating our annual subscribers to a gift. My Work
All users have the option to group tasks by due date. You can also collapse or expand task lists by project or date. This will make your life easier and improve your day-to-day organization. We’d love to hear about how your workflow improved! We had to take a detour through Activity page to get there. We rewrote the code of the entire page, and now we can integrate it better with My Work, so new activities appear in real-time.Notifications
Early Access Program members can test the new bell already. Contact us if you’d like be among the first to experience the latest updates. Overall, the notification counter works faster and is more reliable. We were not prepared for real-time, but we are now ready to embark on a new adventure with the notification system. QR code
You can now add a QR code on your invoices! It can be used to link to a payment link or create a note. This option was requested by one of our customers, who informed us that QR codes on invoices are now mandatory in their country. If this trend continues to expand to other countries, our invoices will be ready! The team that worked on this feature also worked to add 25GB to all annual subscribers! You now have more space for all your files. You can also upgrade your storage if you need more. Add-ons are now available at the following rates:100GB – $49 per month or $490 per year
300GB – $99 per month or $990 annually
500GB – $149 per month or $1490 annually
October’s uptime was more than 99.99% with a total downtime only 2 minutes. We aim to keep both the first and second as high as possible. If you have any questions, please reach out via chat or Twitter! We are happy to help.
We’ll be adding availability records to the My Work page in November! You won’t need to go through the People page to find all the information you need. Client+ roles will also get their own My Work that contains their tasks and activities. We look forward to exploring the possibilities that this reconstruction will offer. We’re now ready to experiment with ActiveCollab browser push notifications. We have analyzed all feedback regarding Workload and will now focus our efforts on improving its performance. To see our Roadmapanytime, you can check out what we will be working on next!