Refreshed Column View, Project Stopwatch. Get Paid to Tryout

Everyone, happy summer! We hope you enjoy this month’s recap! Here’s June’s shortlist. A refurbished Column view
Stopwatch on a Project
Try out the Paid Bundle
View of the Column
The Column view, a vital component of ActiveCollab since 2015 has been substantially redesigned. The final version of the Column view is not yet available. This is just as happened with the new budgeting types. Your feedback is helping us to build the best Kanban. Your feedback is helping us to build the best Kanban.
It might not be enjoyable to switch between tasks if you track how much time you spend on a project. We made it possible to track your time working on a project. You just need to make sure that time tracking is enabled in your project settings. A Stopwatch will be available at the top. The Stopwatch can also be accessed in your Timesheet (My Work>My Time). Play, pause, upload! Time tracking has never been easier. Get Paid bundle trial
All of our users are excited to have access to the exclusive features only available with the Get Paid bundle. It will be activated and you can take it for a spin for 30 days with your data. What additional features are we referring to? These additional features include Availability records, Timesheets and Profitability reports, Xero & Quickbooks integrations, Workload management, and Timesheets. The best part about the program is that you can stay within your account and share all of these features with your team. Stay tuned!
Below is a snapshot of ActiveCollab’s June uptime. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced downtime issues that kept us awake at night. We were unable to take immediate action, so a better way to notify the system administrator was used. We are currently restructuring the app to prevent this from happening again. The June uptime was 99,4%. This isn’t good news, but it doesn’t make any of us happy. We’re constantly working to improve this number. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to contact our Support Team anytime.
We’ll continue to improve the Column view (scrolling performance, more properties) and make it possible for you to test out all the Get Paid Bundle features. Next up is Smarter Date Picker for Tasks, and then My Work. We look forward to updating this page, and making your job-organizing easier. Alerts about budget
It was announced in our previous monthly recap post. However, it is still being developed. You’ll be able set up an alert to be notified when your budget limits are reached by the end of the week. Check out our newly updated Roadmap while you’re there. Stay safe and keep checking back for more updates! The Foundations of Agile Project Management
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