Project Charter: Do You Know How to Create the ID Card for the Project?

Six processes are used in project integration management, which is one of the most important areas in project management. The first is the “develop project charter process”, which, as its name suggests, aims to produce a project charter. It contains high-level project information. As explained in online courses on project management, the first step in project integration management is to create a project charter.
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A charter is required in order to officially authorize a project. It can be used as the corporate identity for the project within an organization.
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What happens when the Project Charter is created?

The project charter authorizes a project within an organization and gives authority to the Project Manager. Once a project is initiated, the project sponsor is responsible for its creation. A project manager is assigned as soon as possible. Once the project is approved by the organization, it is authorized and the project manager has the authority to coordinate and manage the activities.
The Project Charter is the final product of this process. The main purpose of the Develop Project Charter process is to gather relevant information about the project and produce the charter.
A Real Life Example for a Project Charter
Our sample project will be the Golden Gate Bridge Construction Project. Let’s now see what should be included.
Project Charter: Title and Description
The Project Title and Description should be the first thing to appear. The description and project title should provide a brief overview of the project. This project’s title is Golden Gate Bridge.
The following can be used as a description: “The population in San Francisco is growing and the transportation requirements between the two sides of San Francisco are increasing in proportion. The increasing need for transportation between the two sides of the city has meant that sea transport is no longer sufficient. This project will make it easier to transport vehicles between the two sides of the city.
Project Charter: The project manager and his authority
John Winer was appointed project manager for the Golden Gate Bridge project. John Winer will serve as the project manager for this project. He has the power to set the budget, select team members, and approve/reject changes to the project. The project manager may have multiple responsibilities. This section should only contain high-level information about the project manager’s capabilities with his initiative.
Project Charter: Business Case
The project charter explains the reason for initiating the project. The business case describes the reasons for the project and the circumstances that led to the project being initiated.
The Golden Gate Bridge project, for example, is designed to solve the transportation problems in San Francisco between two sides. The bridge will allow for 80% of vehicle transportation to be made over it after the project is completed. This will solve the transportation problem. This is a business case. However, there could be other reasons for initiating the project. The project charter must also include business cases.
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The planning phase of a project determines the resource requirements.