Project Baseline: How to Measure Project Performance

A project baseline is a snapshot of a project taken at a specific time. A project baseline can be taken after the project planning process has ended, or later. The baseline measures how far actual results differ from the plans. These plans are then compared to the baseline project. If a change request is made, it can have an impact on the schedule, cost, and other details. the plans are changed and a new baseline is established. As explained in the PMP training course, there are many types of baselines in a project.
What is the Performance Measurement Baseline?
The performance measurement baseline is composed of three different baselines, as shown in the figure below.

Scope Baseline is the first and includes:
The scope of the project includes the work required and the work to be done.
The Work Breakdown Structure shows the hierarchy between the activities, components and work packages that will be used to complete the overall project work. Consider the example of the airplane manufacturing project. Audio system, multimedia systems etc. These are all part of the entertainment system, which is a work package. Other systems such as avionics systems and communication system work packages all make up the complete airplane manufacturing project.
WBS dictionary gives detailed information about all items in the WBS.

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The agreed upon schedule baseline is the project’s schedule. The schedule baseline contains the start and end dates for each activity. The schedule baseline provides milestones and can also be used to determine the duration and completion dates of the project.
Cost Baseline: This provides a time-phased cost budget. It details the amount of money that will need to be spent during the project, along with the dates when payments will occur and the amount that will have to be paid. The company arranges funding for the project based on this baseline.
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What are the Duties of a Project Manager with the Baseline
When work is being done, the project manager must examine deviations from the baseline. After the planning process is complete, all stakeholders agree on the plan and everyone expects that the actual results will be exactly as planned. The project manager’s role is to ensure that there are no deviations from the cost, schedule, or scope baselines during project execution. Corrective and preventive actions should be taken if there are any risks that could lead to project delays or exceed the budget.
What are the changes that should be made to the Project Baseline?
Although the baseline can be altered, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Each baseline is used to check how close you are to your goals. A baseline that changes too often can lead to deviations from the original planning. In the real world, a project baseline can only be changed if it is approved or with the acknowledgement of the project sponsor.

Changes to the baseline may be requested in writing during Executing Process Group, or project monitoring and controlling process group. Once the stakeholders have agreed to tie the baselines, it is impossible to make updates to them. A baseline is the reference point for project performance. A baseline will be the reference point for project performance. Any changes to this reference point can lead to misleading performance measurements. A baseline is updated by a request from the government.