Notion Alternatives & Competitors

Notion is an online workspace that combines collaboration and productivity tools. It is simple to use and customizable. There are free plans for individuals and paid plans that offer more advanced features. Users can choose from a variety of options if they are looking for an alternative to Notion.
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What are the Notion Alternatives?
Best Notion AlternativesGuru
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What are the Notion Alternatives?
Notion is a productivity tool that many small businesses use. It can be used on the web, as a desktop application, or on mobile devices. To find the best solution, Notion users should consider both the available and the missing features. These are some features you should be looking out for:
Small teams get a free plan
Tools for organizing such as labels and tags
Advanced search with filter options
Unlimited uploads and storage
With an intuitive user interface, unlimited customization
Ready-to-use templates that can be used in a variety of workflows.
Integration with third parties is easy
Tools for user administration, access control, app security, and user administration
Multi-tenancy and real time collaboration
History and document version control
Synchronization across devices
Notifications and task automation
Multiple work views supported
Scalable plans
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Best Notion Alternatives
Our recommended list of apps such as Notion may be a better option for teams looking for a different approach to solving their productivity problems.
Guru is an enterprise Wiki app that organizes company information and makes it available from anywhere. It ensures that critical knowledge is verified by subject matter experts. The browser extension and verification workflow give employees the tools to capture meaningful and contextual information and allow them to access it within their workflow.
Guru can streamline onboarding, improve internal communications, and offer more effective options for video or chat meetings. It features a powerful editor, Microsoft Teams integration and Slack integration, information clipper, Google Docs, Confluence syncing, smart organization tools, and an easy-to-use editor. Other powerful features include AI assisted suggestions, knowledge alerts and duplicate detection tags, reports and custom knowledge triggers.

Trello is an online collaboration tool that allows unlimited members to get a free plan. It is one of the Notion competitors that provides visual task and workflow management via a system Kanban boards, lists and cards. It also allows unlimited integrations into all plans.
Trello’s main interface, the Kanban board is Trello, but higher-tier plans provide additional visualizations such as dashboard, timeline and table views. You can create custom lists and use the built in automations to handle common recurring tasks. It can include different types of information such as assignees and checklists, due dates, times, custom fields, attachments, and links.

Coda is a new dynamic document type that combines the functionality of docs and spreadsheets with workflow apps. It’s all-in-one software, allowing users to combine different types of data and information on one flexible surface. The software includes ready-to-use buttons and tables, as well as templates to help teams quickly create the app they need.
Coda is an alternative to Notion and offers a free plan for the entire team. Although a user can create docs they are limited in the number of rows and objects per doc. This tool can be integrated with other web apps or services. It also provides real-time collaboration tools for multiple editors.

ClickUp is a versatile software solution with many integrated tools. ClickUp offers a versatile software solution that includes several integrated tools.