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You can elevate your career by obtaining a LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 professional certificate. Are you unsure where to start your revisions? You are in the right place, don’t worry. This LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 Cheat sheet is all you need for a kick-start to your revisions. It will give you a quick overview of all the resources that you need to pass your exam. It will also serve as your ticket to obtaining your credential.
Before embarking on any adventure, one must be clear about what they are getting into. Let’s take a look at the exam details, then let’s talk about your Roadmap to success- The Cheat Sheet.
LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 Overview
The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world’s first neutral certification agency, offers the LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 exam. Linux is open-source technology that can be used by individuals, governments, and even businesses worldwide. LPI’s primary goal is to make as many opportunities available for everyone through open-source skills certifications.
Who should take the exam
LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 is an entry-level exam that is suitable for Linux administrators, Linux professionals, system or network administrators, and Linux enthusiasts.
Exam Prerequisites : LPI Linux Essentials 010-160
To attain theLPI Linux Essentials 010-160certification, you must have knowledge in the following –
Understanding Linux and the open-source industry. Knowledge of the most popular open source applications
Second, knowledge of the major components and technical proficiency required to work on the Linux command-line.
A basic understanding of security and administration topics such as user/group management and working on the command-line, and permissions
Quick Cheat Sheet : Linux Essentials 010-160
This exam is a must-have credential to add to your academic record. This certification can make a huge difference in your career prospects. It is important to get started with your revisions and to have a good understanding of all preparatory materials. We have done the hard work of summarizing all preparatory resources, and now we provide you with our Cheat sheet. Follow these steps to excel at this exam.
Deeply analyze the Exam Objectives
LPI provides the LPI Linux Essentials (010-165) Objectives, which provide a comprehensive overview of the exam objectives. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the exam and give you an idea of the exam. This will help you plan your preparation. Given the extensive syllabus, it is important to have a clear understanding of the exam concepts. These are the five main domains that this exam covers.
Topic 1: The Linux Community & a Career in Open Source
1.1 Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems [Linux Documentation-Lesson 1]
1.2 Major Open Source Applications[Linux Documentation -Lesson 1.2]
1.3 Open Source Software and Licensing [Linux Documentation-Lesson1.3]
1.4 ICT Skills and Working with Linux[Linux Documentation-Lesson 1.4]
Topic 2: Finding Your Way in a Linux System
2.1 Command Line Basics[Linux Documentation -Lesson 2.1]
2.2 Using Command Line to Get Help [Linux Documentation-Lesson 22]
2.3 Using Listing Files and Directories[Linux Documentation-Lesson 23]
2.4 Moving, Creating and Deleting Files[Linux Documentation-Lesson 22.4]
Topic 3: The Power of the Command Line
3.1 Archiving Files on Command Line [Linux Documentation-Lesson 3.1]
3.2 Extracting and Searching Data From Files [Linux Documentation-Lesson 3.2]
3.3 Converting Commands into a Program [Linux Documentation-Lesson 3.3]
For better preparation, use the LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 Study guide!
Topic 4: The Linux Operating System
4.1 Choosing an Operating Systems[Linux Documentation-Lesson4.1]
4.2 Understanding Computer Hardwa