COVID-19: What Are We Doing To Help During These Times

People have made major changes to their work and study habits since the Covid-19 pandemic. Online courses and classes are gradually becoming less common. This is creating a path for the digitalisation of many courses. One of the fastest growing sectors in the world is IT and business. These courses are in high demand today. These courses are highly sought-after:Project Management Certification: Your career path can be made or broken by your management skills. These skills are essential for project managers to be able to meet the demands of global projects. The PMP Certification allows one to improve his managerial skills and gain experience in managing tasks. The Project Management Institute offers the PMP Certification, which is considered one of the most prestigious. This comprehensive certification is available to project managers of all levels and education.
Scrum Master Certification: This certification allows you to work and execute in a Scrum environment. Scrum professionals ensure that Scrum procedures are being used in their organization. It facilitates sprint meetings through sprint planning, sprint review, and sprint retrospective.
AWS Certification: AWS certification validates cloud expertise. It helps professionals to get in-demand skills to create effective teams for cloud initiatives using AWS. Higher certification levels lead to better growth rates and higher consideration during the hiring process.
ITIL Certification: The IT Infrastructure Library Certification (ITIL) is one of the most sought-after certifications. ITIL certification brings together best practices from both the public and private sectors internationally. It explains how IT resources should be organized in order to provide the best business value.
Six Sigma Certification: This certification is recognized worldwide for its ability to improve quality and process. This certification is a validation of an individual’s ability to adhere to the strict standards at every level. It teaches skills for the DMAIC cycle’s various phases, which are Define, Measure Analyze, Analyze and Improve.
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These certifications are useful and can reap great benefits. Koenig offers the best online certification training, including the Scrum Master Certification and Scrum Master Certifications, AWS Certifications, ITIL Certifications, Six Sigma Certification and the Scrum Master Certification. Koenig’s online training solutions allow one to study anywhere he likes. Koenig offers a unique 1-on-1 method for students. Get in touch with us today