Comparative Analysis of Cisco Certifications and Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft and Cisco are the two largest certification companies for IT professionals. They offer a wide variety of certifications to individuals who want to become proficient in Information Technology and Networking. They are often overwhelmed by the many options available and find it difficult to choose the right credential for them based on their needs and skills. Comparative Analysis
The Microsoft certifications are for people who want to build a career in IT. Cisco certifications offer a variety of certifications in networking.
Microsoft is the largest software company, while Cisco manufactures networking equipment and IT infrastructure equipment like routers and switches.
Microsoft certifications give candidates experience working with Microsoft software and servers. Cisco certifications are a way to showcase your IT networking experience.
The Microsoft exams are easier than the Cisco certificationexams. The number of Microsoft certifications is greater than that offered by Cisco. ALSO READ:Top 10 Most In Demand Highest Paying Microsoft CertificatesThe Cons of the Two Programs
Microsoft certifications are required to ensure that you understand and can use the Microsoft software and associated computer languages.
Although the exams are easier than those created by Cisco, candidates still consider them to be difficult.
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Certification programs are more expensive.
These exams are more difficult than you might think. This is why it takes a lot of time, effort, and sincerity to prepare for them.
These certifications can be difficult to obtain.
These certifications are less popular than Microsoft certifications.
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Working techniqueThe Microsoft software needs to be updated every week, while Cisco routers need to be configured every six months. This is why Microsoft certifications are more preferred than Cisco Certified Professionals. For instance, a particular IT company may prefer hiring a Certified Microsoft Engineer rather than a Cisco Networking professional.Comparison of salaries
Cisco certified professionals earn higher salaries than their Microsoft peers, when you consider the salary.
It is difficult to choose between the two certifications when you consider all of their aspects. Both programs can be used to boost your career. The main difference between the two programs is the type of systems they work on. While Microsoft focuses on server maintenance and Cisco focuses on networking systems. Enquire Now