Cisco Prime Infrastructure’s Best Features

Cisco Prime Infrastructure solutions streamline and simplify network management tasks for both wired and wireless networks. It manages enterprise networks from branch level to the data center using a single point-of-control. Cisco Prime Infrastructure training is designed to help professionals make the most of their Cisco Prime solutions. It also automates management tasks using Cisco intelligence.
Cisco Prime Infrastructure: The Best Features and Benefits
One Management
One management refers the Cisco unified solution that allows users to view and control all aspects of wireless lifecycle management and application visibility. This feature allows users monitor policies, track mobility devices with Cisco MSE (Mobility Services Engine), and troubleshoot Cisco ISE(Identity Services Engine) from one place, allowing them to manage all users and devices.
Consolidate Products
This functionality allows users consolidate all network management tools, products, and reduces the time and effort required to manage them individually. Cisco Prime Infrastructure training will allow you to realize these benefits in a more sustainable way. It will give you greater visibility, speed up deployment and faster troubleshooting. This time can be used to achieve your business goals.
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Mobile Collaboration
Mobile Collaboration allows for support for spatial maps, wired client visibility, Radio Frequency Prediction tools, 802.11ac and many other capabilities. It simplifies the management of wireless networks and solves problems quickly with fewer resources.
These are just a few of the many useful features that Cisco Prime offers. You will find more information about Cisco Prime Infrastructure in the next blog post. Cisco Prime Training or NMENPI Certification: Managing Enterprise Networks using Cisco Prime Infrastructure is the best course to learn more about this network management tool.
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