Chuck Keith, our newest trainer, is here

SPOTO’s newest trainer is Chuck Keith, a networking expert. He will initially focus on collaboration topics within the CCNP Collaboration Paths, then move to networking, administration and other IT topics.
Chuck’s hiring marks a new generation SPOTO trainers, who have become better SPOTO learners. Chuck was guided by long-standing SPOTO trainers Keith Barker and Jeremy Cioara, who helped him to earn his CompTIA and Cisco certifications.
Keith stated, “I grew professionally with SPOTO.”
Chuck created Network Chuck in 2014 and quickly grew it to over 16,000 subscribers. The YouTube channel was initially created to be a technical resource for Cisco collaboration. However, Chuck has since shifted the channel’s focus to IT career advice and certification preparation advice.
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We asked Chuck some questions to get to know Chuck better.
Before becoming a trainer, you worked in IT. However, you also had a successful YouTube channel. Why did you decide to start it?
It was something I needed to do and I created it. I started by creating tutorials on collaboration topics, because that’s what my brain knew. But then I began to think about what I wanted from a YouTube channel. I didn’t want training videos. SPOTO was my platform. Instead, I wanted information about how people study and train. I began creating these videos and tried to build a community. I answered every question and comment, and I was able to grow my subscriber base from 500 to almost 17,000.
This is about the time Jeremy Cioara discovered your channel.
Jeremy found my channel and messaged me. We set up a phone call. I went through the interview process. Fast forward a few more months, and I’m now a full-time SPOTO instructor. Keith Barker taught me how to create training.
What is your training philosophy?
I believe I want to connect the technical material with a message that motivates and takes control of your career. IT is about creating your own path. Certifications are like hacking into the system. To prove your knowledge, you don’t have to go to school for many years. Certificates show that you can learn, study, and then validate your knowledge. This is the main message I want to convey when I create training. It’s not about passing a test or learning the material. It’s about continuing to learn so that you can be motivated to learn more.
Your beard is quite impressive. How long have it been growing?
I get asked this question all the time. It’s a difficult question because I do trim it every now and then, but it takes me about three years to complete the task. My success is largely due to my beard.
Final question: Would a dragon be better? Or, be a dragon.
You should definitely be a dragon. If I were a dragon, I would be a target. If I had a dragon, I would have a weapon.
Chuck Keith brings industry experience and networking knowledge to his upcoming training. He holds the Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching Voice and CompTIA Security+ certifications.
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