Certified ethical hacker sees highest salary growth rate in 2022

A recent report by TeamLease Services, a staffing company, revealed that certain profiles have experienced significant salary growth. The profile of Certified Ethical Hacker (Telecommunications) is at the top of the list with an increase of 18.16%. The profile of Certified Ethical Hacker in Telecommunications was next (17.29% increase), Wellness Advisor for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals (16.27% rise) and Merchant Relations Executive for E-commerce (16.19%).
According to Indeed’s survey, the average salary for Certified Ethical Hacker job profiles is $63,249 per annum for a Network Analyst and $113,115 per annum for a Penetration Tester.
The salary structure and the report are both clear indicators that a career in Certified Ethical hacker can be a great one. They are responsible for taking preventive steps to the next level using hacking techniques. Certified Ethical Hackers hack computer systems in a legal manner. This is different from malicious hackers. These weak points are then fixed before anyone can use or abuse them to gain access to the system. This certification shows your technical and professional skills to perform the tasks. There are many job opportunities for CEH certified professionals, including Penetration Tester and Network Security Specialist, Ethical Hacker and Security Consultant, Auditor, Site Administrator, and Security Consultant. This certification opens up many lucrative job opportunities in corporate organizations like the National Security Agency, the Committee on National Security Systems and the Department of Defense (DoD).
To become a Certified Ethical Hacker, there are certain steps that an individual must follow.
Learn how to pass the CEH exam and get CEH certification
Take advantage of opportunities to become a Certified Ethical Hacker
Many job opportunities will open up once you are certified by CEH. You just need to show your expertise and knowledge in the best way possible. You can do this by doing thorough research on the types of questions you might be asked during interviews and understanding how your new skills will benefit the company you are applying for. This will make it easier to interview and more impressive. You will be noticed by employers if you have a certificate. This is a sign that you are interested in the Cyber Security field and stands out from the rest.