Azure AZ-303 Practice Tests Launched

Latest Update 2022: The current exam for AZ-303 expired on March 31, 2022. The same exam has been renamed to AZ-305
We are pleased to announce the launch our new AZ303 practice tests that will help you prepare for the role as Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Microsoft Azure recently updated its certification model and announced two new exams to help you prepare for the role as Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert.
Candidates had to pass the exams AZ-309: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design. The new exams will be AZ-302 and AZ-304, with the same names as their predecessors.
On June 29, 2020, the AZ-303 certification exam was made available. Candidates can still take the AZ300 certification exam up to its retirement date on or about September 30, 2020. Below are some highlights from the new AZ303 exam and our AZ303 mock exam.
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Exam AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
Our new AZ303 practice tests were designed keeping in mind the structure of the AZ203 exam. Our practice tests can be useful if you take a moment to review the basics of the exam. Candidates who want to be Azure Solutions Architect Experts will find the AZ-303 exam ideal.
Candidates for the AZ303 exam need to have a deep understanding and skills in designing and implementing Azure-based solutions. Candidates will also be tested on their skills in various aspects of Azure cloud such as storage, security, networking, and compute.
The exam AZ303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies demonstrates candidates’ ability to assume the responsibilities as Azure Solution Architects. Azure Solution Architect’s primary responsibility is to consult stakeholders and transform business requirements into highly secure and reliable cloud solutions.
The role requires collaboration with cloud administrators, clients, DBAs, and DBAs to implement solutions. The AZ-303 exam costs $165 USD and is only available in English.
Domains covered in AZ303 Certification Exam
Our AZ-303 practice exams are efficient because they align with the exam content in AZ-303. These are the most important domains of the AZ-303 exam.
Implementation and monitoring an Azure infrastructure- (50%-55%).
Implementing security and management solutions – (25%-30%)
Implementation of apps solutions – (10%-15%)
Implementation and management data platforms – (10%-15%)
Our practice tests can be used by candidates to prepare for the AZ-303 exam. You can find questions from each domain according to their weightage. You will also have ample opportunities to test your knowledge and skills in all domains. Here are the topics covered in the AZ-303 certification exam.
Domain 1. Monitoring and implementation of an Azure infrastructure
These topics are:
Monitoring cloud infrastructure
Storage accounts: Implementation
Implementation of VMs on Windows and Linux
Automated resource configuration and deployment
Implementing virtual networking
Implementation of Azure Active Directory
Management and implementation of hybrid identities
Domain 2. Implementation of Management- and Security Solutions
These topics are:
Azure workload management
Implementation of load balancing, network security
Implementation and management Azure governance solutions
Application security management
Domain 3. Implementing Solutions for Apps
This domain covers the following topics:
Implementing an Application Infrastructure
Container-based applications: Implementation
Domain 4. Implementation and management of data platforms
These topics are:
Implementing NoSQL databases
Implementation of Azure SQL Databases
Preparing for AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies certification exam? You can check your level of preparation by taking AZ-303 practice tests.
Overview of Whizlabs’ AZ-303 Practice Exams
Our practice test designers created the new AZ303 practice tests to give candidates a comprehensive platform to test their skills for passing the AZ303 certification exam. Our practice tests will give you a thorough understanding of the AZ303 exam format and type.
Our practice tests will help you assess how effective your preparation for AZ303 certification is. Our practice tests for the AZ303 certification exam could help candidates to identify the following key features.
Three full-length AZ303 practice tests with 165 questions
The practice tests cover all exam topics thoroughly
All questions answered in detail
Performance analysis with reports on strengths & weaknesses for in-depth insights
Unlimited access
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