Azure AZ-303 Online Course Launched

Latest Updates: Microsoft Azure certification has expired the AZ-303 exam on March 31, 2022.
Candidates have been anxious to learn about the new training courses that will be offered for the revised Microsoft certifications, due to recent changes in Microsoft’s role-based certification model. After the AZ303 practice tests, today we are thrilled to announce the launch the Whizlabs AZ303 online course.
AZ-303 is the updated version of the AZ-300: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam to earn the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. Microsoft has also replaced AZ301: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies, the exam for Azure Solution Architect Expert certification with the new AZ304 certification exam.
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The AZ-300 exam will be available until September 30, 2020. The AZ-303 certification exam launched on June 29, 2020. Candidates who are interested in the Azure AZ303 exam will need to search for reliable preparation materials.
Let’s see how the Whizlabs AZ303 training course can help you pass the new AZ303 exam.
AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
Before you dive into the details of the Whizlabs AZ303 online course, take a moment to review the certification details. Candidates who are proficient in designing and implementing solutions on Microsoft Azure can take the AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies certification exam.
The certification would also cover critical aspects such as storage, security, and network. Qualified candidates will be required to assume senior roles in advising stakeholders and ensuring that business requirements are translated into cloud solutions that meet the requirements of scalability security and reliability.
The certification exam will also test candidates’ ability to work in partnership with cloud administrators, clients, or cloud DBAs to implement cloud solutions. A key part of the role as a certified Azure Solution Architect Expert is to manage the impact of all decisions on the overall solution.
Requirements to pass the AZ-303 Exam
Candidates should also be familiar with the requirements of the AZ303 exam before enrolling in our AZ303 online course. These prerequisites will help you determine if you are prepared for the exam. Candidates must have extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas of IT operations.
Business continuity
Data platform
Disaster recovery
Candidates must also have experience in Azure administration and Azure DevOps. If you meet all these requirements, you can enroll in our new AZ303 online training course.
Are you ready to take the AZ-303 certification test? This comprehensive guide will give you a head start in your AZ-303 Exam Preparation.
Exam Topics in AZ-303 Exam
The most important thing is to understand that the new training course AZ-303 was designed with the basics of the exam in mind. It can be used as a comprehensive tool to prepare for the AZ-303 exam. The Whizlabs AZ303 certification training course is perfectly aligned with exam objectives. The AZ-303 exam tests candidates’ knowledge and skills in the following areas.
Skills required to implement Azure infrastructure and set up monitoring
Security solutions that are efficient and effective for Azure infrastructure management
Azure solutions designed for apps
Know how to implement data platforms and ensure their management.
Course in Certification for Whizlabs AZ303
Any aspiring candidate should be able to see the difference between the Whizlabs online course AZ-303 and other training courses. Whizlabs is committed to professional development for millions of professionals through its unique and relevant training resources. Whizlabs created a well-designed training course for the AZ303 certification exam. Here’s a brief description of the contents of the training course.
Monitor and Implement Azure Infrastructure
Implementing Security and Management Solutions
Implement Solutions for Apps
Implement and manage data platforms
As you can see, the online Whizlabs AZ303 training course covers all important areas of the certification exam. You will also find the following notable features of the Whizlabs training program for the AZ-303 exam.
More than ten hours worth of training videos
Total of 86 lectures given by subject matter experts and qualified instructors
Unlimited access to the training course
Support for running on PCs, Macs, Androids, and iOS