AWS Reports a 41 Percent Increase in Revenues in Q1

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud giant, released its first quarter earnings for fiscal 2019, on Thursday. It reported $7.7 billion in revenue for March 31st, just exceeding analysts’ expectations.
This is a 3.6% increase over the quarter before, when AWS earned $7.4 Billion, and a 41.4% increase over the year-ago period when it earned $5.4 Billion.
The quarter’s operating income was $2.2 billion. This is a slight increase over the previous quarter, but a significant year-over-year growth of 58.8%.
AWS has been the fastest-growing business unit of its parent company, and Q1 was no exception. Comparatively, the International retail segment grew just 8.9% year over year, while the North American retail segment grew 16.6%.’s cloud unit accounted for 13% of its total revenues.
Microsoft, which is the closest competitor to AWS cloud, also reported its latest earnings. Microsoft reported that Azure sales increased by 73% in the most recent financial quarter, even though it didn’t break down its Azure cloud revenue.