Advanced Cyber Security Professionals Required to Prevent Terrorism

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous. Cyber-terrorism is a growing threat. It has brought to light the limitations of traditional law enforcement. Because of its rapid growth and penetration, the internet has become a popular medium for terrorists to plan, communicate and execute their evil plans. It is difficult to prevent these attacks from happening. The services of intelligent, talented, and trained people are needed in intelligence, law enforcement, military, and military to avoid the loss of lives and resources. Hackers and other miscreants pose a serious threat to businesses, individuals and investments, as well as infrastructure and governments around the world. A group of hackers took control of a jeep, and took it on a ride down the US highway. This caused panic and forced the manufacturer to recall lakhs more of the model for security upgrades. A group of hackers hacked into a dating site and threatened the public with their demands. Prominent universities from the USA, Australia, India, and the UK are now taking stock of the situation and offering relevant anti-terrorism and cyber security courses to combat this new, but very dangerous threat. San Diego University and others have established special cells and Centers for Cyber Security in recent years. Koenig Solutions has a wide security portfolio that includes more than 20 courses related to various branches of IT and cybersecurity. These courses in cyber security prepare students to examine strategic and tactical issues, and to examine the critical roles that cyber intelligence and cyber policing must play to counter the threat from cyberterrorism. Enquire Now