A Comprehensive Guide to Pass the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification Exam AZ-104

Microsoft, like all technology companies around the globe, continues to improve and expand their learning tracks. The AZ-103 exam was retired by Microsoft on 31 August 2020. It was replaced by the AZ-104 exam. This exam covers more storage, computing, and government services. Microsoft has started to test professionals of more concepts with this exam. For instance, AZ-103 focused more on Azure subscription management. About AZ-104
When taken alongside other Microsoft exams for role-based credentials, the AZ-104 Azure administrator Associate exam is intermediate level. The AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate exam is intermediate level and can be combined with other Microsoft exams for other role-based credentials. Module 1 – Managing Azure Identities & Governance – 15%-20%
Module 2 – Implementing, Managing Storage – 10-15% Weightage
25-30% weightage in Module 3 – Deploying, Managing Azure Compute Resources
Module 4 – Configuring, Managing Virtual Networking – 30-35% Weightage
Module 5 – Monitoring, Backing Up and Backing Up Azure Resources – 10-15% Weightage
You can see the percentages for each module. They indicate the weight each domain has in the AZ104 exam.
The AZ-104 exam doesn’t require too many prerequisites.Officially, there are no prerequisites as it’s for a relatively entry-level role.However, it is recommended that you have a minimum of six months to one year of work experience with Azure administration.You should also have a working understanding of Azure services, Azure workloads, security and governance.Understanding the Exam:
It is difficult to prepare if you don’t know what you can expect. It is difficult to prepare for any exam, even the AZ-104. The exam will require you to answer 40-60 questions in between 150 minutes and 2.5 hours. These domains are:Managing Azure Identities, Governance