7 Project Management Conferences Worth Attending in 2017 & 2018

Conferences on project management are a great way for small and large businesses to learn about planning, hear about failures and successes from management professionals, and to refocus their eyes on the types of projects that they can handle.
Conferences are a place for collaboration, innovation, reflection, and sharing of past successes and failures.
Project management conferences 2017 and 2018.
You should attend them, especially if they’re of interest to you:
These seven upcoming conferences on project management are well worth your time. They were chosen based on their date, the value they offer, and their geographic location. All these PM conferences are either held in the United States, or hosted online.
For your planning convenience, they are listed in order of earliest to most recent.
1. ProjectSummit Business Analysts World

When: June 19-21st, 2017
Where: Washington, D.C.
Cost: Starting at $975
ProjectSummit is focused on the business side of every project management effort. The talks will focus on concrete ways to integrate business management into the project management process.
Some sessions are focused on group dynamics, while others focus on how individuals can make themselves a powerful player in every project.
Why should you attend?
This conference will feature 33 speakers, in an effort to engage and appeal all attendees. The conference will close with a grand commissionary talk entitled “Becoming the Best version of YOU!”
2. SeminarsWorld

When and where?
Cost: Members start at $725/$675 early bird; non-members start at $895/$700 early bird
SeminarsWorld is a small group format that allows attendees to share ideas, hear from experts, and learn from each other’s experiences and opinions. The conference’s content is based on Project Management Institute Talent Triangle.
Why should you attend?
SeminarsWorld offers potential attendees the opportunity to download a “letter of employer” online. The applicant can then print it, fill it out, and submit it to their project manager, if they are interested in attending.
3. Agile2017

When: August 7-11th, 2017
Where: Orlando, FL
Cost: $1,999/$1,849 for members/$1,649 for non-members
Are you interested in Agile? Agile2017 offers great resources, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner. It’s also hosted by the Agile Alliance so you can be sure that the information will be top-notch.
Why should you attend?
The speakers will share their experiences with Agile and offer advice on project management interfaces. Participants will have the chance to exchange ideas, meet project managers experts, and learn new techniques all while enjoying Orlando’s stunning summer scenery.
4. Digital PM Summit
When: October 15-17 2017, 2017
Where: Las Vegas (NV)
Cost: Prices start at $1,099
Digital PM Summit, their fifth annual conference is all about harnessing project management tools to manage digital initiatives. This conference is for young professionals who are interested in making peer connections and revolutionizing the way project recruitment happens.
Why should you attend?
Speakers from many fields will discuss a range of topics, including money, career path and team conflict, project communication, empathy, and even empathy.
The video below gives you a sense of the conference’s energy.

5. PMI Global Conference

When: October 26-30 2017, 2017
Chicago, IL
Cost: Members start at $865; non-members start at $950
This conference is designed to bring together people from all walks of the life who are interested project management, becoming project leaders, as well as real-life knowledge from professionals. If you are looking for a conference that offers a variety of services, this conference is for you.